Human Environment Interaction

Awareness Flyer

Amazon River

Many parts of the Amazon River are drying up due to longer dry seasons and warmer temperatures. The longer dry seasons are causing the Amazon River not to be able to fill back up because of the this each year the Amazon River is slowly drying up. In the future if the Amazon River continues to dry up, then the people will not get the water sources needed for farming causing a drought in that area and less food to be produced.
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Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is slowly disappearing because people are cutting it down for agricultural purposes. AS more tress are being cut down for carbon is building up from the slash and burn technique. Deforestation is occurring in the Amazon Rainforest causing the species that live there to either migrate or be poisoned by the carbon. In the future if the Amazon Rainforest is continued to be cut down, then less oxygen will be produced, more carbon will build up, and many species would die or migrate.
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The reason the Amazon River is drying up is because humans are cutting down the rainforest causing more carbon build up. Because these green house gases are not being absorbed, the temperature in that area is warmer and the dry seasons are longer. Because the Amazon River is drying up, the trees are not getting the water they need.


What is occurring in the Amazon Rainforest?
How will the ecosystem in the Amazon be effected if the Amazon River dries up completely?