Kaila Hayes

What is fat?

A natural oily or greasy substance occurring in bodies, as a EXTRA layer under the skin.

Weight gained from eating unhealthy food.

Sometimes fat can come from stressing or not eating enough nutrients.

Fattening Foods

There are different types of fattening foods, anything with carbs are fattening.

Too much ground beef is unhealthy for you.

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Most important nutrient because ....

Fat is the most important nutrient to me because in America we are having a problem with OBESITY! Also being fat you can have LDL (bad cholesterol) which isn't good, which means that your not giving your body the correct nutrients it needs to function.Fat can come in different forms liquid and or solid. Being fat or having obestiy problems can really kill you, so it's good for you and your body to have the proper nutrients it needs.