The Might of Nature

Volcano Poem

It waits and waits.

It starts the same way that

earthquakes start. There is

no way to know if it is active or

inactive. It is one of the most devastating

disasters in the world. It is so devastating that it creates

another disaster, the tsunami. When it activates the might of

the earth comes out of the mantle. The sky becomes dark with ash.

Then it strikes like death waiting to cripple its victims. And then it’s over

Volcano Paragraph

Volcanoes can cause terrible disasters. A volcano is a mountain that has an opening down the earth’s mantle, below the surface of the earth. When volcanoes erupt they keep growing in size as long as they keep erupting. The largest volcano in the world is called the Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Volcanoes also can also activate other natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, and avalanches. Not to mention the sheer power that a volcano has. In conclusion, a volcano is an extremely powerful force of nature.

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Volcano 101
A national geographic video about volcanoes.
Big image
A volcano erupting.
Big image
A 3-D diagram of the inside of a volcano.