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Are you tired of plain or boring hairstyles? Or can't seem to master the French Braid or the Doughnut Bun? Here at Love My Do we solve all your hairstyle problems. We offer hairstyles for parties, award ceremony's, toddlers, sports, Halloween costumes, picture day or just everyday. Do you want your hair done at Love My Do? Of course you do! All you have to do is look though our hairstyle catalog, send us an email of what hairstyle you want, what day and time you would like your hairstyle done on. Once we receive your email we will reply with what products or accessories you will need and how long your hairstyle will take.


Monday 11:00-5:00

Tuesday 11:00-5:00

Wednesday 11:00-5:00

Thursday 11:00-5:00

Friday 11:00-3:00

Closed Saturday and Sunday

Everyone's 1st Easy/Everyday Hairstyle is FREE!!!

Want a Special Do for your Special Event?

If your Special event requires a Special Do that is not in our hair catalog, just send us a picture or video of the hairstyle. If your Special Event doesn't fall within our hours. Don't worry, send us an email of your time and day you would like your hairstyle done on.


Easy/Everyday Hairstyles- $5-$10

Sport Hairstyles- $5-$10

Toddler Hairstyles- $10-$15

Requested Hairstyle- $15-$20

Party Hairstyles- $15-$20

Picture Day Hairstyles- $15-20

Special Do's for Special Events with Reserved Time- $20-$30

FYI we only take cash!!!

Please email me if you any questions on the prices (please note: all prices can change and are negotiable), if a hairstyle category is not listed and what category your hairstyle falls under. Thanks!!!


Love Your Do requires our customers bring their own brush/comb, rubber bands or hair accessories. If you don't know what to bring for your hairstyle please email me.

Some of our awesome Do's

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