Ms. Damschroder's 3rd Grade

Week of September 22, 2014

What Do I Do At Home?

Read EVERY night. Find an interesting book, or other reading material like a magazine, to read. Get into a comfortable spot and READ, READ, READ!! Read at least 20 minutes each day!

Practice addition and subtraction math facts. If you need flash cards, see Ms. Damschroder.

Practice counting money and making change.

Spelling Words

It is important to practice your words EVERY DAY! There will be a test on Friday!!

countries, pretty, van

prettier, prettiest, than

laughed, to, plan

too, two, span

beautiful, before, scan

REMEMBER: Make up chants, cheers or rhymes to help you remember your words. You can also get on with permission!


Students were given Sumdog usernames and passwords last week. If you have questions about sumdog, please let me know.

What are we learning?

Reading: We have learned about the non-fiction text features and how we can use them to help us understand what we read. Coming up, we will learn about the characters in the story and their traits. We will learn to pay attention to what the characters say and do to help us understand what we read.

Writing: We are writing personal narratives.

Words: We have been practicing with word patterns and word wall words.

Math: We are going to begin review of addition and subtraction strategies and word problems. We have also learned the commutative property of addition.

Social Studies: We are going to learn about the continents. We are also learning about what makes a community and a good citizen in a community.

Science: We are learning about rocks and how they are important natural resources.

Compass Rose Video