Articles of Confederation.

By:Matt Khalil

Whats the Articles of Confederation?

The Articles of Confederation was USA's first attempt at a Constitution and government.

The Articles of Confederation was made as weak as it was so it could not take away the rights of the american people the way Britain did.

Articles of Confederation Strengths.

The Articles of Confederations was more weakness than strengths, but as well as being week also had some strengths. Some of these strengths were: Signing the Treaty of Paris, Signed a treaty of allience with france, Made the northwest ordience of 1787,and governed the amarican revolution

Articles of Confederation weaknesses.

The Articles of Confederation had many weaknesses which eventually led to the u.s constitution. Some of these weaknesses were: Congress had no power to coin money therefore the states had made there own money,Congress could not impose taxes, no national court to enforce rights, no way to enforce laws.

North West Ordinance

The north west ordinance was the way congress went with setting the Ohio river valley. The way the Ordinance worked was that the ORV was split into sections and each section could get a representative once they had 5,000 free males and could become a state once 60,00 people live in the area.
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Goods and Bad of the North West Ordinance

Goods were
  • no slaves
  • land set aside for public schools.
  • Civil rights gaurnted
Bads were
  • Only 3 to 5 states were to be devoloped
  • to gain a represenitive 5000 males are needed not women.

The Shays rebellion

This was a series of protests from 1786-1787 led by farmers that swept across the early USA. The shays rebellions motives were to close court houses across the nation so farmers,many whom which fought in the revolution, won't get thrown in jail for having debt caused by the many taxes released by states.
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Effects of Shays Rebellion

The Shays rebellion had taken USA by surprise;hitting the nation at its weakest.The shays rebellion had many positive and negative effects just to list a few:

Positive effects

  • Gave the american citizens a need for a strong central government.
  • Led to the US Constitution.
  • Gave Constitution leaders motivation for the new government.
Negative effects

  • Caused much damage to courthouses.
  • Put the pubic in a national scare.
  • Spread massively and very quickly and the government could not combat.