Sped Speak

January 21, 2014


The time for transitioning students has arrived! Please work closely with your school psychologist to set up transition meetings this spring, and remember to follow the attached Transition Guidelines for Students with Special Needs.

IEP Reminders!!

  • Due to the possibility of inclement weather, please remember to schedule your IEP meetings two weeks prior to the IEP due date.
  • Please remember to complete every student's final progress report at the conclusion of each IEP year. Final progress reports must be shared with parents, archived, and scanned to Alex.
  • Case Managers need to change the Annual IEP date prior to holding their IEP meeting. This can be done by accessing the "Student Information-Demographics" page. In the top right-hand corner of any page of the IEP, you will see the student's name highlighted in blue. Click on the student's name and this will take you to the "Student Information-Demographics" page. On the right-hand side, click on "Conference"; click on "Dates", scroll down under Annual IEP Review and type in the new IEP meeting date.

SPED Compliance

KSDE requires local school districts to conduct an internal compliance audit every three years. As many of you know, USD 232 completed our IDEA and Gifted File Review this past fall. As part of the audit, the following IEP components were closely reviewed: provision of Parent Rights, IEP team member attendance, procedures specific to early childhood, considerations made by the IEP team, overall content of the IEP, amendments made to the IEP, and procedures related to re-evaluation.

Fifteen student files ranging from early childhood through secondary were reviewed by a team of special education team members. Among the 25 questions asked, two consistently surfaced as non-compliant. Many files did not show evidence of a projected start date for beginning of services, program accommodations, and/or modifications or supports for school personnel. In addition, seven out of the fifteen files did not document the anticipated frequency, location, and duration of services and modifications. Non-compliance on these two indicators requires corrective action on the part of our district.

As part of our corrective action plan, we are utilizing the Supplementary Aids and Services page that has been implemented within our new SEAS system. Directions on how to accurately complete this page were outlined in our SEAS FAQ #1. To review this information, see questions #8-10. Clear examples, as well as definitions for "modifications" and "accommodations" are provided.

Spring Spot Checks

We have now fully implemented use of the SEAS system for writing, revising, and reporting progress on student IEPs. In an effort to improve the consistency, quality and compliance of our IEPs across the district, Special Services Coordinators will complete an unannounced "spot check" of at least one IEP per case manager between now and May. Case managers and IEP teams will be provided feedback once one of their IEPs has been reviewed.

Students with Special Dietary Needs

Message from Amy Droegemeier, Student Nutrition Director

With a rise in the number of students who have life-threatening food allergies and health conditions such as Celiac Disease, I wanted our district staff to be reminded of the additional resources the Student Nutrition Department can provide for these situations.

Our department is required to make meal substitutions for a student with a food-related disability per USDA regulations. However, there is a specific form required by the USDA that must be completed by the student’s physician before such accommodations can be made in the school meal programs.

If you have a student with dietary concerns please make sure that you work with your school nurse to contact Amy Droegemeier, so accommodations can be made for the student.

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Upcoming Important Dates

January 20 - No school for students and staff-Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 22 - Community Forum at Monticello Trails Middle School, 6-8 pm

January 23 - Community Forum at De Soto High School, 6-8 pm

February 4 - Kindergarten Round Up, 6-7 pm

February 12 - Elementary P/T Conferences 4:15-8:15 p.m.

- Secondary P/T Conferences 3:30-7:30 p.m.

February 13 - No School for All Students-P/T Conferences 8:15 a.m.-8:15 p.m.

February 14 - No School for Students and Teachers

February 17 - No School for Students and Teachers-President's Day

February 18 - Classes Resume