Santa vs Krampus

It was Christmas eve and all through the house, not a Krampus was stirring, not even a mouse. Santa was lifting and setting down presents which were neatly organized in there way he wanted them. But suddenly Krampus broke out with a goat head butt to the belly! "Hello Krampus." said Santa with frantic breathing, yet untouched from the knockback. "Better than ever, you bloated cranberry!" "That wasn't very nice." frowning after what he said. Krampus was about to talk, but Santa seized him form it and smacked him with a belly slapper. Krampus, lifting his body back up on the hard wood floor, returned with his gingerbread cookies. Now the gingerbread cookies, an exceptional opponent, will tease, rip, and destroy their enemies. "Ahhhhhh!" said the gingerbread cookies. It was a yummy showdown, since Santa ate the cookies right away. Then suddenly, while Santa was finishing off the cookies, Krampus slices his belly open.
Santa flew up in the air squirting out all the cookies in his body. Krampus, from the bottom of the floor, uppercut Santa with his slivery rotten hands. Landing back on the floor, Krampus had won.

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