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By: Lindsey Maeshima

Election of Kennedy

  • Presidency was fought for between John F. Kennedy (Democrat) and Richard Nixon (Republican) in the election of 1960
  • Kennedy proposed the New Frontier in his campaign in which he would restore the economy and reform legislation in health care, education, and rights
  • The election was extremely close, almost split in half between Kennedy and Nixon
  • Kennedy was the youngest man to be president along with having a young cabinet
  • Robert Kennedy was President Kennedy's brother who was the attorney general aspiring to have reforms in the FBI

The Cold War

  • Kennedy abandoned Eisenhower's nuclear response with war and instead opted for flexible response; a military that could be ready at any moment and at any place
  • August 1961 Soviets started the construction of the Berlin Wall in order to stop the migration of people from east to west Germany
  • 1961 Kennedy in Vietnam put more more "military advisers" in South Vietnam
  • 1963 Kennedy successfully assassinated Diem through a coup
  • Alliance for Progress an attempt to help Latin America which prompted democratic reform, lacked impact
  • Bay of Pigs occurred in April 1961, Kennedy didn't support direct intervention with Fidel Castro in Cuba in result he didn't provide support for the exiles and they were forced to surrender
  • Discovered in October 1962 that Soviets had nuclear missiles in Cuba

Kennedy and Civil Rights

  • During Kennedy's campaign, he stated that he would reform civil rights
  • Freedom Riders volunteers who protested against racial segregation and traveled in the South to see if the community is abiding to the law of equality,
  • Martin Luther King Jr. and Kennedy's family had a relatively good relationship,
  • Kennedy protected freedom riders by protecting them with federal marshals
  • June 11, 1963 Kennedy delivered a speech in which he spoke of finding a solution to racial problems

Kennedy's Assassination

  • Dallas, TX, November 22, 1963 was shot and assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald while Kennedy was riding in a limousine
  • Oswald would be killed by Jack Ruby
  • Lyndon B. Johnson would take over as the Vice President of President Kennedy

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