Blizzard Bags!

Ryan Reynolds

What is a Blizzard Bag?

A blizzard bag is a day where school is cancelled but students still receive work. If at least 80% of the district does all of their work, it is counted as a school day and it doesn't need to be made up at the end of the year. However, if the 80% mark is not met, the work doesn't count for anything and everyone has to make up the day.

Are Blizzard Bags Good or Bad?

Blizzard bags are a good thing for schools because it gives kids less work than a regular school day and the day doesn't have to be made up if 80%of kids do it. The bad thing about it is that if less than 80% do the work, the day has to be made up by everyone. This includes the kids who did all of their blizzard bag work. I would recommend blizzard bags to another district because they are a good way to have a school cancellation but not have to make it up in the summer.