Dangerous Nature

By : Tyler Swallows

Negative Effects

There are so many different ways that weather affects us. Most of them are negative. Like when it rains outside it makes it a hazard for the road. Drivers need to go slow so they don't slip and wreck. Also, when it rains hard a small stream could turn into a flood fast. That can lead to flash floods.

Soil Erosion

As rain and other storms roll through towns they usually break the soil up. When the soil can't absorb anymore water, therefor dragging the soil with it. Soil that is dragged to bodies of water or streams can cause the shore to get overflowed with dirt.

Health Effects

Changes in the weather effect so many people because their bodies get accustomed to the original weather. The air has so much pollution that it can mess with citizens breathing. When heat gets involved, a lot of heat stroke cases.
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