Going to the Philippines!!!

Love Changes Nations

Super Typhoon Yolanda

Destruction caused by the typhoon

Dear friends, we will be flying out to the Philippines at the end of the month, and travelling to Tacloban where Typhoon Yolanda has wrecked devastation upon the Visayas. Some 660,000 people have been displaced, among a total of 9.8 million affected. Many are still searching for loved ones among the stench and debris.

With the loss of life, destruction of homes, the damage on the agricultural, fishing, and livestock industries, losses are estimated at P7.7 billion. Most areas are still in total power blackout, especially in Eastern Visayas. In desperation, looting is happening everywhere and ordinary people are simply scavenging for the food and water needed to survive. In some areas, the dead are being buried in mass graves, and still bodies are rotting amongst the rubble.

Where are we going and who are we helping?

We will be going to Dulag, just metres away from the coastline, the administrative capital of provincial government of Leyte, Tacloban. Love Changes Nations have been working with local pastors and leaders in Dulag, empowering them to change their own community since 2009. These local pastors have their own bible school where they train young people, who are later sent out to the surrounding villages to church-plant and serve their own people.

These are our friends, our family whom we have served with, lived with, and built relationship with over the years. We are seeking your help, so that we can go and be with our friends in Tacloban. We are not simply talking about rebuilding a home, or sending food. We are talking about rebuilding lives.

Our friends in Dulag (filmed in 2009)

Tacloban in 2009
Documentary on Tacloban (filmed in 2012)

Philippines Documentary - Love Changes Nations

Why are we going?

With all the information, videos, pictures that have been circulating on the internet and newspapers, we feel overwhelmed ourselves. The task at hand seems too massive. But we can start with the ONE. We can be the hands and feet of Jesus to our friends whose homes and livelihood have been destroyed by the typhoon, and to the community around them.

The goal is to help them, at this critical moment, to be able to sustain themselves and provide a refuge for their people. This is a crucial moment where the locals can SEE and believe - 'our own leaders are serving us and reaching out to us'.

We know that we are not relief workers, our role in this community is not to be the 'heroes', but to serve the local leaders in the background. We simply desire to be with our friends, to bring them comfort, aid and supplies. More importantly HOPE and that our presence tells them "you are not alone, and you are not forgotten".

Let's come together and help!!

Join us in helping them get back on their feet, to rise from the ashes.

Many of us have more than we need, many of us can give more than we think. Any amount given will really go a long way!!!

Let's do what we can to manifest the Love of Jesus to the nation of Philippines.

To Donate: Relief for Tacloban

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