the lost colony of Roanoke.

By Matthew Mostad

Did the settlers leave any clues?

  • When they first landed in the new world they were attacked by the natives.there we a few battles here and there but most of them were eventually resolved.
  • When the hostile tribes were dealt with, they tried to make peace with the other tribes.
  • The natives taught them many things how to hunt, fish, and where to plant crops.
  • One of the first tribes they made peace with was the croatoan.

who were the friendly natives?

  • There were four surrounding tribes.
  • The secotan were friendly and offered them food.
  • The croaton were one of the first to be made contact with.
  • The weapeneoc were not very friendly .
  • The chawanook wanted nothing to do with them and left them alone.

Did they leave any clues as too what happended?

  • They left the word "Croatoan" on one of the posts.
  • Also the word "cro" on a nearby tree
  • Reasearchers have found a map with two red and blue marks.

Why was roanoke founded?

  • to beat spain to find gold and colonize land.
  • to plant crops for money.
  • to find new things and slaves

what was the military like?

  • No official amy but a few guards.
  • Most of them were farmers.
  • Most of the soldiers were killed by natives,
  • And most of the farmers were kill by natural causes.