Laboratory Animal Caretaker

Hanna Ruschy

Job Duties

~Feed and water pets that are kept in cages

~Check for signs of disease, illness, or injury

~Clean and disinfect cages

~Clean and sterilize operating room

~Collect blood, urine, and feces speciments

Work Environment

They are employed in many settings, such as, kennels, zoos, stables, animal shelters, pet stores, aquariums, and vet clinics. It involves a lot of physical tasks, for example, cleaning kennels, lifting bags of food, and exercising the animals.

Pros & Cons


~You can work in many different settings

~You get to spend time with animals

~Some jobs don't even require more than a high school diploma

~There are plenty places that need a caretaker

~Satisfaction of knowing you are helping the animals


~One of the lowest paying jobs

~Can get hurt by a scared animal

~You have to see animals suffering

~Difficult clients

~You can get bit

Skills Needed

~You need to know a lot about the animals you are caring for

~You need to be committed, it's going to take some of your time

~You have to be prepared to work on weekends, holidays, and when you're tired & sick.

~You need to have good communication skills, you will need to convey information effectively.

~You need to understand how to read written instructions


~Many places just require a high school or General Educational Development diploma

~Clinics, stables, boarding kennels, and pet stores may need job training or mentoring from an experienced worker.

~Animal training facilities and zoos may want more advanced training, for example, a health technician certificate or a bachelors degree in animal science or biology.

~Animal shelters usually hire volunteers or someone who has had some experience.

Job Prospects

~It is very easy to get this job, because you don't need much schooling

~Most places just ask for volunteers

~This job is available pretty much everywhere, stables, aquariums, zoos, vet clinics, and farms.


~The salary of a non farm animal caretaker is $22,000 yearly

~The hourly pay starts from $8.04 and can go up to $16.29

~Farm animal caretakers make about $24,130 yearly

~Animal trainers make $30,510 yearly