Endangered Animal

About the Vaquita

Vaquita is a animal that is endangered. It is close to getting extinct because people are hunting them and also because of climate change. The Vaquita has a ring around its eyes and dark patches on its lips that from a thin line from the mouth to the pectoral fins. This animal lives in the gulf of California. The population is a fewer than 100 individuals.

Save the vaquita

Most of the time to save the Vaquita is to not to litter in the gulf or California and not to fish in the gulf or not to put nets in the gulf, But when you do catch them you should let them go.


Vaquita use high pitched sounds to communicate. They rise to breath with a slow, forward motion and then disappear quickly. They are the only species belonging to the porpoise family that live in warm water.


Vaquitas may use echolocation to locate there prey. The Vaquita finds its food on the bottom of the ocean. Some most common prey are teleosts (fish with bony skeletons).