By: Dawson Gerit Vogelaar

PHYSICAL FEATURES of the city of Cuzco/Inca Empire

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Daliy life when living in Cuzco

  • Messengers station and run alongside the other runner while he hands you a set of strings called a quipu.
  • Most of the commoners worked as farmers and herds.
  • Children started to work as commoners the simply started performing tasks such as took care of the babies, fetched water, made clothing, learned to weave boys watched the animals and worked the fields.
  • The Inca often practiced human sacrifice but only on the most sacred occasions.
  • The Inca held in honor of the sun god, Inti, men in traditional dress carry skeletons on platforms
  • Every day the people of Inca come to celebrate there god and dance and have wine get to gather and have a dancing time.