Lacey's Lounge

Hernandez Middle School 6th Grade Language Arts


You will start seeing homework coming home more frequently. The first practice was sent home today! The assignments will be graded the following day. In order to complete the assignments satisfactorily, please ensure that students are:

  • Circling, Clearly, correct answer choices
  • Crossing out obviously wrong answer choices
  • Providing proof next to each answer choice that explains how they know their answer is correct

District Benchmark Scores

Students were given five class days to complete a District assessment to measure their understanding of current 6th grade concepts as well as to determine STAAR readiness. You will see the results of this test on home access. While it is in the gradebook, it is not helping or hurting your students grades. It is there simply for your own knowledge of your students progress.

On the written composition the students could score between 1-4. with four being the highest score for a composition. A score of 3 was also satisfactory. 1-2 are both considered failing scores.

Istation at Home!

Are you looking for a way to help your student practice reading skills at home? Istation is a great way to do this. A letter went home with students on Friday explaining to parents how to register for Istation at home. This is a program that students use once a week at school. You may have noticed that they receive an Istation grade in the gradebook based on their performance on this program.

I have offered the kids extra credit for logging in and using the program at home. This will be a weekly extra credit opportunity. For every 30 minutes they are actively logged into the program at home they will earn 1 extra credit point.