Hernanes Cortez

Spanish Conquistitor

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The picture above shows the first and last peaceful meeting between the Spanish and the Aztecs were cortez is meeting one of his translaters on the right is moctuzuma and on the left is Cotez

Meeting friends

The Spanish encountered another tribe called the thaxelle who have been at war with the aztecs for 3 years and gave Cortez gold as a tribute and in return Cortez and his new allies defeated the aztecs at Tenotilan there capital
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Here is cortez wereing his casual uniform

5 facts

  1. Hernan actually was a farmer in Cuba
  2. full name is Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro
  3. his children were Martain Cortez the 1 and Martin Cortez the 2
  4. died at December 2, 1547 at age 61–62
  5. he sunk his own ship to eliminate the possability of retreat

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Coat of arms

Cortez was awarded this coat of arms for defeating the aztecs the eagles represent the Aztecs The olive represents the new world and the building represents his old farm to bring back the past.

And so ends the live of the Conquistitor Hernan Cortez

History has fasinatied for many years and the aztecs were my favorite he was brave smart and quite determined to start a new live in the new land