Norfolk Panthers

Norfolk Junior High

By Alex Ruth

Feature Story

Hope Solo is one of the best known American goalkeepers in the world for the age of 32. She has played for the women USA soccer team in the Olympics a few times before. Her soccer number is number 1. Hope was born in Richland, Washington in the US and her parents are Judy and Jeffrey Solo. They named her Hope Amelia Solo. When Hope was 7 years old, she and her brother Marcus were allegedly kidnapped by their father and he went to prison. She grew to the the height of 5’9” and later married a former football player, Jerramy Stevens. But right before they married, the night of November 12, 2012, he was arrested for assaulting Solo which left her injured. They still married the very next day, November 13, 2012. Jerramy, Solo’s husband, has even had run-ins with the police before for reckless driving in 2003, and possession of marijuana in 2012! They still have no kids. Hope has danced on Dancing With the Stars, but was eliminated in round 9. On August 14, 2012, after the London Olympics she wrote a book called Solo: A Memoir of Hope. It was about her life and it revealed many things.


Have you ever been curious before? Well, in the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, a wild stallion is watching his herd one night when he sees a bright light in the distance. He calls his mother to the top, so he can go investigate it. She told him not to go, but he went any ways. He ran across the terrain to the spot where the light was… Later in the movie he falls in love with a mare named Rain that belongs to an Indian tribe. He wants Rain to come live with him in his herd, but she is too scared to leave the tribe. Will she come with him and will he ever make it home? This movie would be a good one to watch, because the soundtrack lined up perfectly with the film! They also showed all the emotions in all the characters faces! I would recommend this movie for any age, because the rating is G, so you will be just fine watching it with the whole family.

Fairy Tale Story

Mentalists Escapes

Monday night on April 21, 2014, at 1:30 PM, Peter Spider escaped from Pixie Dust Mentals, a mental facility. He has been put in the mental hospital for thinking it's not normal for a spider to have eight legs. For thinking that, he cut off two legs of his own legs and captured five other spiders and cut off two of their legs. After Peter escaped, he walked up Green Hill to the enormous Spider Tree. Sitting on a tuffet under the tree was Little Miss Muffet. Peter was thinking he wanted to terrify Miss Muffet away, so he could eat her curds and whey. He climbed up the back of the tree and used his webbing to drop down next to her. Miss Muffet saw him right away and it frightened her, because she had seen his picture in the paper tons of times before for all the bad deeds he had done. She dropped her curds and whey and ran down the hill to her house. She called the police and told that Peter Spider was eating her curds and whey on top of Green Hill, under Spider tree. They drove to the scene and found Peter still eating. They approached him quietly and captured him. He was later taken back to the Pixie Dust Mentals. He now lives in their for the rest of his life.


Alex Ruth lives in Norfolk, Nebraska, where she was born and raised, and she lives with a husband and three kids. Her children are Victoria,16, Victor,13, and Valerie,10, and a pet dog named Sam. Alex looks tall and skinny with muscles. She has a few grey hairs protruding from her brown hair and she still wears glasses and some days contacts. She attended high school in Norfolk and she took college classes at Northeast Community College, while she was still in high school. She later went to the University of Kansas State. While she attended high school and college she played soccer, basketball, and volleyball. She was later asked to be on the USA soccer team and played with them for 10 years with her twin sister as their goalie. Now she lives with her family and keeps busy with her hobbies. The hobbies she likes to do is read, watch movies, hang out with her kids, run, hang out with friends and family, and teach her kids sports. She works at a veterinarian clinic as a veterinarian as her current job. She told me her very first job was a babysitter and when she went to high school she worked at Hy-Vee, because they could adjust to her hectic schedule. Alex says she will live in Nebraska and keep the same job until she dies. In addition, she says she wants to go visit Germany at the age of 56.


I believe that the school week should not be shortened because students will get less sleep, stay up later to do homework, and you might get really stressed out. You would not be able to be social with your family at all if you have so much homework and being so tired. You would be so grumpy from lack of sleep, no one will want to hang out with you. So your life would be over if the school day was shortened.


KIK Messenger

This app is an instant messenger for mobile devices. It’s just like texting your parents on a phone, but using it on other mobile devices like iPods, iPads, etc. You must have Wifi to send out or get messages. If you want to text someone you would go into your contacts, click on them, and go into the typing bar and then you can send whatever you want to say to them. If someone texts you back, all you have to do is tap on the message to open it and then reply if you want to. A username is required for this app. You can even have group conversations, up to nine, if you want to talk to one or more people in a group.