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The Best Explorer Who Ever Lived

Early Years

Columbus was born in Italy in 1451. His father was a weaver, but Columbus was destined to be at sea and went on his first sea voyage when he was just a teen.


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Find the money to fund the voyage.

Christopher Columbus asked many kings and queens for money to explorer. Going on a sea voyage was very expensive. Crew must be paid, ships had to be rented, and of course they needed food for a very long journey.

He finally found the Spanish court who were willing to invest, but not at first. Ferdinand and Isabella had to be convinced that this voyage would pay off. They wanted to spread Christianity to and claim unknown lands for Spain.


Columbus was not a very successful explorer. He was looking for places and often missed his mark. He was trying to go to Japan and ended up in the Bahamas! This is also said to be true of his voyage to find the Americas. He did, however, get the Spanish people close enough to claim it for the king and queen.


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