LISD Paraprofessional Luau Sessions

Pick 3 sessions to attend. Choose 2 alternate choices.

Exotic Excel - Basic

Basic Excel - This session will include completion of an Excel document that includes: borders, formatting of cells, merged/split cells, and basic functions. Additionally, we will print selected areas of the worksheet, protect the worksheet, and create multiple sheets.

Exotic Excel - Intermediate

Intermediate Excel - In this session we will discover Data Mining in Skyward and explore excel beyond basic functions including: Filtering, Mail Merge, “IF” statements, Connecting one worksheet to another, Pivot Tables, and VLOOKUP.

Waikiki Word

Microsoft Word Intermediate - In this session we will learn how to insert and format tables, insert headers and footers, change page color and insert page numbers, wrap text with image, format images, and use mail merge with Excel to create form letters. We will create at least one product using this new learning.


Remaining Calm in Adversity - The phone is ringing off the hook, your report is due in less than 30 minutes, a kid just walked in with a bloody nose, the copy machine keeps jamming, your principal just walked by and asked you to respond to the email she just sent, and Mrs. Noseybody stormed in the front door and has a bone to pick with someone over the change in lunch menu choices in the cafeteria yesterday. Ever had a morning like this? Join us as we discuss ways to keep your sanity and remain calm in the face of adversity.

Paradise PowerPoint

Putting the POWER in PowerPoint Presentations! - Come learn what elements make a powerful and effective presentation using PowerPoint.

Clean Out Your Boat

Organizing the Paper - This session will cover ways to organize all the paper in your world. We will cover what a Tickler file is and how to use it to streamline your time. We will also discuss prioritizing, strategies to keep notes handy, and reducing clutter.

iPad Island Style

Productivity and the iPad - This session is designed to unlock the productivity of the iPad. We will explore Evernote, LiveBinder, and Dropbox as tools to store/ archive information and collaborate with others.

Grass-skirt Google

Google 101 - This course is designed to help participants get started with Google Apps and their drive. We will find how to log in from the home page, organize the drive, learn how to share information in the drive, and receive a short overview of the products available in Google. We will also discuss how to upload files to the Google drive so that participants can keep information in one place, share, and collaborate easily.

Work on your Form

Questions and Answers in a Flash with Google Forms - Participants will learn about the features of Google Forms, including creation and implementation. Through the exploration of forms, participants will walk away with an understanding that can be utilized immediately with ease. Participants should be ready to have fun while learning a powerful tool captivated within Google.

Doc' Your Boat

Going Google Doc! - Travel the iCloud via Google Doc! Learn how to create, share, and collaborate with Google Docs. We will start with the basic introduction into Google Docs and then touch on some of the more advanced features (such as inserting photos, and linking to webpages), as time allows.

Surf's Up

Digital Citizenship - Have you been hearing the words 'Digital Citizenship', and wondering what exactly they entail? Come to this hands-on session where we will explore the nine elements of Digital Citizenship while learning how to use the iPads with students. Not only will you have a better understanding of how to teach students to use these devices appropriately, but you'll also have fun exploring apps, handy tips, and tricks!

Hang Ten

Presentation Tools - Participants will learn how to use Prezi, Photo Peach, Animoto, Slide Rocket, or Google Presentations to showcase your content. Participants will be amazed how easy it is to make fast, free, professional quality presentations!

Island Itinerary

Outlook 101 Learn the tips & tricks of using Outlook to make your days more efficient. Bring your questions!

Required Working/Learning Lunch

Light lunch is provided: Chick-fil-A sandwiches, chips, and water. Bring your own lunch if you prefer. There will not be time to leave and buy lunch.