All about mrs .A

what does she do on her spare time??????

Mrs. doesn't speak more than one language, but she would like to speak Spanish. She enjoys shopping and doing the normal girl things. Her favorite movies are action movies because they keep her busy . If she wasn't a teacher she would be a publicist. Mrs. A went to Texas state , and has been teaching for 3 years. The number one thing she hates is when her students complain!!!

our crazy questions <<<<<////>>>>>>>

  • what would you do if a zombie apocalypse ? { I would cry and hide in a hole where no one could find me ! }
  • If a shark where to attack you , which limb would you rather it to bite off {my left arm , because I am right handed! }

~~what makes her who she is~~

mrs.A likes to do girly things !

why did she want to be a teacher?

She wanted to be a teacher because she wanted to be able to help kids have better grades and have a better life style.