All About Me

By: Rachel Lutz

In My Free Time I Like To....

-Hang Out With My Friends

-Hang Out With My Family

-Listen To Music


-Play Volleyball

-Watch Movies


-Going on Instagram

Mi Encanta Mi Familia

In My Family...

I live with my mother, father, and two sisters.



Sister #1: Allison-Senior in High School

Sister #2: Bethany-Sophomore in High School

And my two Cats, Hershey's and Paws

Foods I like:

-Almost All Fruit


-Ice Cream

-Chinese Food





Almost everything but at the same time not that many things


I play Volleyball and Track, I use to play basketball, and I like softball but I don't play on a team.

My Favorites

Sport- Volleyball (But My Favorite Sport to Watch is Football and Basketball)

Color- Pink, Blue, Purple


Song-I Hold On and Say Something

Movie- Divergent, The Hunger Games, and The Blind Side

Drink- Lemonade

Restaurant- Perkins