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December Edition

Welcome to December!

Well we have made it to December and are well into the start of Trimester 2. Look for some information coming from teachers about make up/late work as they are trying to keep students up to date and not working on assignments from 4 weeks ago. If your student is absent, remember that they have 1 day for every day they were out to make up the work.

We are trying to celebrate some positives with our students and recognize them for all their hard work. One of the ideas that the staff came up with is the iReady Incentive Cart which we rolled out this week (see picture below). Each week, the E/I class with the highest average of iReady lessons passed gets a visit from the cart. We are also rewarding the top 3 students per team as well so ask your student how they are doing with their lessons this week. If you would like to donate something to the iReady Incentive Cart (box of fruit snacks, individual bags of chips, oatmeal creme pies, etc), you can send it in with your student or drop it by the main office.

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Canned food drive

Student Council is collecting canned goods and non-perishable food items from now until December 11th. Please send in your items with students so that they can give them to their PAW Time teacher. The PAW TIME that brings in the most canned goods will win breakfast. All donations will help the Pickerington Food Pantry.

New Horizons - Suicide Prevention Program

Pickerington Schools are again partnering with New Horizons Mental Health Services to provide the SOS: Signs of Suicide Prevention Program to Lakeview students. Please see the attached letter for more information about the presentations, including information about the depression screening tool used by New Horizons.

The next presentation will take place in all of Mrs. Collins' 7th grade Science classes on Monday, December 7th (Cohort A) and Thursday, December 10th (Cohort B).

Feel free to contact Mr. Max or Mrs. Geiger if you have any questions about this program.

MVP - Making wise choices, Valuing our Role, Planning for the Future

The School Counseling department at Lakeview is starting an MVP group for male students. MVP stands for Making wise choices, Valuing our role, and Planning for the future. The purpose of the group is to help students learn and develop positive social behaviors, positive self-image, and begin thinking about college and career planning. This group is an excellent opportunity to help your student continue to grow and develop in a positive way.

If you would like to find out more about the MVP group for your student please contact your School Counselor (7th grade - Ryan Max; | 8th grade - Sarah Geiger;

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ROX - Ruling Our Experiences

The School Counseling department at Lakeview is starting a ROX group for female students. ROX stands for Ruling Our Experiences. The purpose of the group is to help students develop positive self-esteem, self-efficacy, and gain the confidence to grow into successful and independent young women. This group is an excellent opportunity to help your student continue to grow and develop in a positive way. Watch this short video for more information!

If you would like to find out more about the ROX group for your student please contact your School Counselor (7th grade - Ryan Max; | 8th grade - Sarah Geiger;

Important Change to Calamity Day Procedures

Information on Calamity Days has been updated to the district website:

Calamity days are not school closure days as they have been in the past. Calamity Days have been converted to virtual learning days. You will note that students are still required to attend school virtually from home on Calamity days.

All students need to log in for attendance through Infinite Campus on the Calamity day. Note that Infinite Campus may be slightly delayed for a student who would be “in person” on the calamity day.

Students will be able obtain assignments via Google Classroom in grades 5-12 starting at 10:00 AM. Specifics about the assignments, due dates and logistics will be sent out by the buildings and classroom teachers.

Virtual work will be issued for students who were scheduled to attend in-person classes (example it is Tuesday and Cohort A should have attended in person); however, students in the other cohort should already have direction on what work needs completed as they are already scheduled for a virtual day.

Want to donate to Holiday Help?

There are several ways to donate this year: ● The traditional big red boxes throughout the community and in the schools accepting donations of new toys/gifts. ● Gift cards are also appreciated. ● Cash donations through Paypal. ● Another way of donating this year is through Amazon and Target. If you would prefer to donate in this way, click on the links below. Be sure to ship to Violet Township Fire Department Toy Drive (address will appear as an option).

Trimester 2 VLA Art Items Ready for Pick up

If your student is in the VLA and is taking art as their elective for Trimester 2, art supplies are now available to be picked up. Please check and see who the teacher is as that determines which building you are picking up supplies from. If you have Mrs. Broz-England for art you will be picking up supplies from Lakeview (12445 Ault Road) and if you have Mrs. Knox you will be picking up from Ridgeview (130 Hill Road South). The offices are open from 7:00 am-3:15 pm on during the week (we will be closed Thursday and Friday next week for Thanksgiving). Please just ring the bell at the main door and someone will bring the supplies out to you.

Explaining the Unfill vs. Staff Absentee Rates on the COVID-19 Dashboards

We’ve had a few questions come in about the staff absentee rate as listed on the COVID-19 Dashboards. Below is a detailed explanation, using the numbers on our current Dashboards:

For Monday, November 30, 2020, we have a total of 35.5 total absences for teachers, parapros and duty aides where we do not have a sub.

We have 34.5 absences for teachers, parapros and duty aides that are filled with a sub.

We have 23.5 absences where no sub is required.

This is a total of 93.5 absences across the district for teachers, parapros and duty aides.

There are 863 total teachers, parapros and duty aides in our district. Our absentee rate is nowhere near 42% — it is only about 10.8%; this is calculated as (93.5 / 863) x 100 = 10.8%.

We are clarifying the Dashboards to show that the UNFILL RATE is not the same as the absentee rate — we believe that people are indeed misreading the unfill rate as the absence rate.

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P.R.I.D.E Special Edition Holiday Newsletter

The P.R.I.D.E committee would like to present our first Special Edition Holiday Newsletter to end the 2020 off right. We would not have been able to make this happen without the help of our amazing committee, teachers, and parents in our community. Thank you to everyone who reached out to us with your wonderful ideas!

The PRIDE committee will continue to provide a newsletter every quarter and its contents will align with events and activities that are going on in our community and our world. For the Holiday Edition, we did not include a PLSD spotlight but will make sure to include a Staff and Student spotlight when school resumes in January. Once again, please continue to reach out to our PRIDE committee to provide suggestions or topics you would like to have featured in the newsletter.

We hope you enjoy this edition and have a wonderful holiday season!

Safely Celebrate the Holiday Season from the Ohio Department of Health

We want you to stay safe this holiday season! Check out this amazing resource: Safely Celebrate the Holiday Season from the Ohio Department of Health.

The Community Corner

Upcoming Change Chat

The next Change Chat for both cohorts will be held the week of December 7th and will focus on friendships and how to be a supportive friend and ally to others. Students will get more information about the Chat for their cohort during their PAW Time on Monday, December 7th, and Thursday, December 10th.

eVoLV (Every Voice of Lakeview)

This week we talked to our students about their sense of belonging at school. We had very engaging conversations and our students provided us with a lot of insight into how they feel at school. We noticed a lot of similarities between our students. Some of the themes we heard from our kids were: importance of friendships, acceptance, and the ability to relate to peers. We have also launched our EVOLV Wall and EVOLV instagram page, which you can follow at the username: @everyvoiceoflakeview. Updates will be posted every Monday and Thursday at 3pm. Click the link to see the EVOLV Summary from this week!

Updates from the Family Feedback Form

  • One question was brought up regarding the way teachers load assignments into Infinite Campus and how those assignments appear to students and families. Teachers have been encouraged to post assignments in Infinite Campus as soon as they are assigned, even before they are due, so they show up under the “Today” tab so students have an idea of when the work is due. Some teachers/departments use the “Missing” mark as another reminder to students that they have an assignment to complete. While all work for the week is due until Sunday 11:59 pm, work is still assigned throughout the week, and students are encouraged to complete Monday’s work on Monday, for example. If a student has not completed Monday’s work by Tuesday, you may notice it marked as “Missing” to remind the student that they still need to complete it. Regardless, as long as the work is completed by the Sunday deadline, the grade will not be impacted.

The Lakeview Family Feedback Form

This form will be linked in each Community Corner update, allowing families to offer feedback to the counseling and administrative team regarding social justice, mental health, academic support, friendships/relationships, etc. Counselors and administrators will review the feedback on a weekly basis and send out any updates to concerns/questions in the next Community Corner update.

Technology Help for December

For the month of December, the Technology Department will be offering support sessions on select days throughout the month. Please see below for days & times and sign up using the link! Happy Holidays!

Technology Support Link

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Sign up for Meals on Virtual Days

Breakfast and lunch are free for ALL students on their virtual days!

The deadline to sign up for the week is Monday by 10am. If you would like to receive breakfast and lunch for the days your student is virtual, please click on the correct link to sign up. Remember that you need to sign up for this every week.

Virtual Learning Academy link -

Cohort A link

Cohort B link