Solar Energy

Pros and Cons

Solar energy is the next big thing!

There are so many ways solar energy can help. Not only does it not require that much space it doesn't pollute at all.


There are more than 186 million people that live in highly polluted places. That pollution could drop dramatically if we install solar panels. American Lung Association’s recent State of the Air report, Los Angeles suffers from the worst ozone pollution, air pollution having generally gotten worse in the past year(Nate Lew). With solar energy and other renewable energy resources like wind power are helping us have cleaner air by requiring less fossil fuels to be used.


As long as the sun is still alive so is solar energy! According to NASA the sun still has 6.5 billion years left. Scientists have estimated that Earth will be burn in the sun 5 billion years from now. the sun has provided energy for practically all living creatures on earth, through the process of photosynthesis, in which plants absorb solar radiation and convert it into stored energy for growth and development (PennState). Solar energy is barely noticeable because it is so quiet. Unlike wind turbines solar energy has no sound because there are no moving parts. Which is nice if you like silence like me yet it's still self-sufficient.

But there are some downfalls of solar energy.

The initial cost of purchasing and installing solar panels are very high. It will take 10-15 years to save as much as you invested into it. Another downfall is the reliability if you have a trees or anything that might block its might not work as well. Also It is made of toxic materials that aren't good for the environment.

There are many pros and cons of solar energy.I think solar energy will be great with a few changes particularly the materials!