Job Interview Process

Haley Powers

Before the Interview

- Get a good night's sleep

- Practice the route you're going to take so you're not late when you go to the interview

- Practice what you're going to say

- Have some questions prepared

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10 Things to Do Right Before a Job Interview

During the Interview

- Greet the employer with a firm handshake

- Keep eye contact and don't look around the room all the time

- You should arrive about 15 minutes prior to the interview

- Bring a copy of your resume and references

- Ask what a normal day on the job would look like

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5 Common Interview Questions

What's your greatest strength?

- Don't sound boastful

- Think about what they'd find interesting/what would be important to the job

- There's no right or wrong answer

- They want to know if you know yourself

Why do you want to work here?

- Present yourself as a job seeker who knows the job and the employer

- Take time to analyze and research the job

- That will demonstrate your interest in the job

Why do you want to change jobs?

- Employers want to see whether or not you're a problem employee

- Be sure your answer reassures them maturity, competence, and quality

- Stay positive, confident, truthful, and forward-looking in your response

When can you start?

- Doesn't mean employer is offering you the job

- A good response would be to ask them something like "When would you like me to start?"

- Know your answer before they ask you

- Be careful when answering

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

- Answer just right, otherwise you seem too ambitious or that you lack initiative

- Tell the truth on where you think you might be

- Don't sound too "rehearsed"

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After the Interview

- Thank them for their consideration of you

- Firm handshake

- Send/email a thank you note

- Check in a few days later to see if they've made a decision if they haven't already contacted you

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Dress for the Interview

- Match the interviewer

- Dress for the job


- Don't wear too much cologne

- Comb your hair

- Button up shirts, ties

- Slacks

- Nice shoes


- Don't wear too much makeup or perfume

- Comb your hair

- Business-length skirt

- Nice dress

- Heels or flats

Interview Dos and Don'ts


- Dress appropriately for the industry

- Know the exact time and location of the interview

- Arrive early

- Offer a firm handshake, make eye contact, and have a friendly expression

- Sit still during the interview


- Make excuses

- Make negative comments about previous employers or professors

- Act like you're desperate and make it seem like you would take any job

- Go to extremes with your posture

- Chew gum or smell like smoke