News On The Ranch

Dominick, Jillian, Gage, Jenna

Horseback Riding with Reporter Dominick

Hello guys,I'm Reporter Dominick. I've been visiting Sky Ranch. I'm wanting to tell you guy's what's happening at the Ranch Life station. I've rose my hands for a brown stallion named Pudden. The wrangler chose me about a minute ago. The kid and I are sitting on our horses, ready to ride down a trail. It's been raining a lot so the path is muddy.
10 minutes later
The wrangler told us to go, so we're riding in a single file line. Horse droppings are everywhere. I have a bandana over my nose so I won't smell the droppings. I've been having lots of fun so far, but it's pretty muddy and a horse is stuck in the mud. Hopefully he's okay and will start going again.
5 minutes later
We have been stuck here for a few minutes, but the horse is finally out of the mud. We're back to riding again. People are still having fun.
20 minutes later
We're done riding horses and are helping a pioneer lady with her farming chores. I'm helping some friends move soil to another place. People are working hard and are still having fun learning different things. Who knew farming would be so fun! That's all I have for today. Have a great day, and I'm signing out. Reporter Dominick, out.

Zipling at Sky with Jenna

Ziplining at Sky Ranch looked and sounded incredible! I interviewed almost every single 4th grader at Sky Ranch and they said it was AWESOME! Some kids said they may come back in the summer just to do the zipline. All the kids had to do was walk up some stairs, listen to instructions, and jump! And the cool thing is, if you get scared and you don't want to run off, you can just slide off the platform! When you jump or slide off the platform it is like you're an eagle soaring, said Erin a 4th grade student. Not only did they look like a bird flying, they looked happier than ever, said Mr. Kinney the principal. You are a crazy person if you did not go on the zipline, it sounded marvelous! Not one person came off that zipline not smiling. Well there you have it folks,it is official the zipline at Sky Ranch is the coolest and the most fun of all!

Trapeze with Abbas

Hi, my name's Abbas and I just got back from Sky Ranch. I'm going to tell you about the trapeze in the Party Pool. I climbed the steps and they are very slippery, so be careful. When you get to the rope it is so high that you have to hold the man's arm to get on. You're on and you're about to jump. Then the moment of truth comes. You jump. The air rushing off your face feels so good. I could do it all day! Here's some advice: plug your nose when you jump. If you don't you'll get water in your nose and it really hurts. This is Reporter Abbas at Sky Ranch. If you ever go I suggest you go on the trapeze at the Party Pool. I give it 5 stars.

What's Going On In the Cafeteria with Grapey Gage

Grapey Gage here and going to Sky Cafeteria. AS soon as you walk in you are greeted by a warm lumber theme. Girl's bathrooms to the right, boy's to the left. As soon as you are about to leave the entry room you see a chalkboard that states the meal you are about to have. When you walk in to the dining space you go to either line A or line B. Once you get your food you walk to one of the probably 50 table that seat 8 people each. The punch and lemonade are great but I wouldn't suggest the water. In the long mornings for adults there is coffee and iced tea. If you don't like what is being served there is a salad bar and a PB&J stand at the back. Most of the time the food is great. In the mornings the milk and orange juice are amazing. The bacon, sausage, and scrambled eggs are adequate. In the mornings, a yogurt bar replaces the salad bar, the desserts are replaced with lots of different kinds of cereal, and there are about 2 pints of milk on the table. During lunch and dinner there are about 10 desserts in the middle of the table. Which is why, I, Grapey Gage, suggest Sky Cafeteria.

Expeditions with Chinchilla Lover

Hi! My name's Chinchilla Lover and I'm at the Nature Center at Sky Ranch. We're currently examining soil samples. The counselor is teaching us about the different layers of soil. Soil might not seem interesting, but it is. Now we're going inside the Nature Center. A slideshow is playing on a screen, telling us about invertebrates, organisms that don't have backbones. There's a scorpion! Goodbye scorpion! Now there's a Boa Constrictor! Come on! Look, his eyes are milky. That means that he's molting. The counselor let us meet an albino Corn Snake named Powder. There are so many different colorful reptiles! The counselor just told us to go into the last room, the mammal room. Everyone complained that it smelled like a hamster cage, and I agree. Everyone oohed and aahed over the adorable animals. Finally! Chinchillas! "You're my fate, little dude!" I told the chinchilla. If I were you at Sky Ranch, I would be hoping to go Expeditions next. This is Chinchilla Lover, signing off.