Richard 1

Often called Richard the Lion Heart


Richard the 1 was born on September 8 ,1157.Than on July 6, 1829 he became king of England. He was inroled as a duke in 1172; in the next year he and his brothers allied with the king of France against his father in a wide ranged conspiracy. By age, 16 Richard was already commanding an army against his father, and became a central Christian commander during the Third Crusade.

The Third Crusade

King Richard's ambitions were to join the Third Crusade. To finance this he sold sheriffdom's and other offices and in 1190 he departed for the Holy Land .The crusades began at the end of the previous century with an expidition that captured Jerusalem from Turkish rulers in 1199. As the Twelfth century progressed ,however, the western Christians in Palestine began to lose ground. Although he came close, Jerusalem, the crusades main goal, they did not succcede.

Pictures of King Richard 1

Acomplishments and Goal's

Main Acomplishments

Richard is mainly remembered for his leading role in the third Crusade. Also immediatly after he suceded against his father he devoted his energies to launching a great expedition to the Eastern Meditarian.

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