Official launch at NTD!


As you all might know there is 1,5 week left before the official launch of Salesforce at NTD the 13th of June! The Salesforce taskforce developed one Salesforce to store, share and organize all contact information of AIESEC The Netherlands. Here's an update about what we did so far, some information about the data transfer & the next steps.

Short Recap: What happened so far?

  • We collected input from the different LC's about their 'ideal Salesforce' and we used input from Germany & Canada who were already working succesfully with one Salesforce.
  • The Salesforce taskforce created a building plan for the new Salesforce
  • Casenine became our IT partner to actually build and programme Salesforce
  • Casenine has the license to build upon the backoffice of Salesforce (, which means that every field and option in the new Salesforce is specially created for the use of Salesforce by AIESEC The Netherlands!
  • After the first concept: user testing by the expanded Salesforce taskforce and feedback processing.
  • The expanded Salesforce taskforce has delivered a training about Salesforce at convent Twente and your LCP/VP deliverd the training at one of your LC meetings.
  • Available user accounts and start of data transfer after convent Twente.

Data Transfer

We are impressed by the amount of data that are in Salesforce so far! We want to remind everybody about the importance of complete data. Salesforce works as good as the data that in contains, so make sure that you transfer all the data as complete as possible so all the successors know what the data means and what to do with it. I want to ask you to be aware to add not only contacts, but also the activities to make it clear for your successors.

  • The deadline for the data transfer is the 13th of June at the official launch at NTD.
  • We would like to ask you to fill in at least the data from the past 3 years.
  • However, we strongly encourage to also transfer data older than 3 years if you have complete & useful data.

Most important is to think about what you would consider as useful data: What would you like to be able to find back in Salesforce? The more data you have, the more & the earlier you can benefit from Salesforce. However, it is important that the data is complete, otherwise it will just be pollution of the system.

Next steps for you

Next steps for the Salesforce taskforce

  • We have a support contract with Casenine for next year. They will stay our IT partner for Salesforce next year for questions, corrections & improvements.
  • The VPe's will form a new national Salesforce taskforce that will continue next year.
  • Besides a national taskforce, the current VP taskforce will continue their work via the National Support Team.

  • Development of the homepage with tasks assigned per team and dashboards for every city.
  • Development of standard reports & dashboards for all the LC's
  • Make it possible to link companies that are part of one 'parent company' for example: Rabobank the Netherlands, Rabobank Groningen etc.
  • Create the possibility to 'merge accounts' which means that if you accidentally filled in twice the same contact, you can merge both accounts together with both their data and activity history.
  • Write an user manual for Salesforce for your new LC.

If you have any questions or remarks, don't hesitate to contact us!

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Salesforce Taskforce

Lars Brentjens
Niek van Beurden
Laurens van Vloten Dissevelt
Anne Rappoldt