Lauryn's Percussion Performance

Bruce Pearson and Mary Elledge

Bruce Peterson and Mary Elledge were the arrangers of the piece I will be playing. Mary was born in Minnesota and was a famous composer. She was in many symphonies and band preformances. Bruce Pearson was also a famous composer that worked with Mary at times. Bruce has taught at many in schools and many different grades for 30 years. Together they both made the excellence in theory book that people use today.

Lauryn Carlson

Lauryn was born on December 6th 2003. She has four family members and dog. When she is not playing music she is in other sports such as, dance and softball. Some of her hobbies are dancing and swimming. Lauryn family members are named



Mom: Jill


Musical Definitions

Crescendo- Gradualey get louder

Forte-play loud

Metzo forte- medium loud

Slur-make noted flow

Flat sign- move a half step downward

4/4 time- every quarter note gets 4 beats per measure


The Sperontes was the composer of my song. He was born on March 20th in 1705. He died in 1750 and only lived 45 years. He was born near Poland and was a son of a clerk. He was married to a widow and had children who died young only leaving one child to survive.

My song

I found not very much about my song but I thought it was interesting because of the arrangers .They both wrote a book about excellence. I also liked the way my song was written. It was not very challenging because it kept repeating its self.

My reflection

I thought this project was very stressful because there was very little time. I enjoyed finding out more about the composers and my song. I didn't get much time to practice but I did what I could. I thought that the song was really fun to play with all those eighth notes! I also struggled a little bit practice because it took me a little while tell I could pick out the notes I knew. I found things about my composer that I didn't know before like that both of my composers wrote a book for music. My song has a lot of musical signs in it. I really enjoyed this project.