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Week of May 2, 2022

Welcome MAY!

Dear Atholton Families,

Happy May! The arrival of May signifies the beginning of the end of the school year. Our seniors have just three weeks left of school and the remaining students have just six weeks left. Trust me, the weeks will fly by! Below you will find the final week schedule for seniors (including the senior final exam schedule).

This coming weekend is our Junior/Senior Prom! All non-Atholton guest forms were due this past Friday. We are NO longer accepting non-Atholton student guests to prom who were not approved by the Friday, April 29 deadline. We are excited to hold the first prom in over two years! Just a reminder that NO ONE will be allowed to enter the event an hour after it starts. Please be sure students have appropriate transportation and leave early enough to arrive within this time frame. Don’t forget to purchase tickets to the PTSA-sponsored Post Prom Party. There WILL be transportation provided from the prom to the after prom. Tickets for Post Prom are for sale online.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a conversation with your junior and/or senior regarding smart decisions. Last week, I posted some tips for parents regarding smart decisions surrounding prom. None of us want post-secondary plans and participation in graduation activities to be impacted by bad decisions regarding alcohol and drugs. I have posted the tips from last week below.

As we begin preparation for graduation, please have your seniors start collecting all of their HCPSS belongings (textbooks, Chromebooks, etc.) that will be collected. ALL OBLIGATIONS MUST BE SETTLED BEFORE GRADUATION TICKETS WILL BE RELEASED.

This past Wednesday was the first-ever Atholton High School StressLess Day. Students had an instructional-free day filled with activities ranging from yoga and mindfulness to jigsaw puzzles, outdoor sports, and video games. I am so proud of the group of students who worked so hard to pull things together. Thank you to Alystica Woodworth, Robel Bruk, Claire Zorij, Gianna DeSousa, Talia Fields, Ishan Goswami, and Sophia Urdinola. Check out some of the photos from the day below.

This week is TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK! The PTSA has planned several activities to recognize our teachers for their hard work and dedication. Please take a moment to drop a nice email/note to a teacher letting them know how much they are appreciated. This past week, I had the fortunate opportunity to visit the White House for a ceremony honoring the National Teacher of Year. President Biden and first lady, Dr. Biden both remarked how no matter the profession – doctor, lawyer, police officer, engineer – everyone has been touched by a teacher! To become whatever it is you are today – a teacher was involved. Please thank our teachers for all they do! I’ve attached some photos of the ceremony below. Lastly, what better way to show appreciation than to nominate a teacher for a PTSA Above and Beyond Award. See the info below!

Have a terrific week!

Warmest regards,

Robert A. Motley


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Thursday, May 19

  • Senior Picnic -- Centennial Park (12:15 pm)

Monday, May 23

  • Period 1 -- Senior Class Meeting
  • Final Exams -- Periods 5 and 6

Tuesday, May 24

  • Final Exams -- Periods 2, 3, and 4A

Wednesday, May 25

  • Final Exams -- Periods 1 and 4B
  • Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal (Auditorium) -- Periods 2 and 3

Thursday, May 26

  • Senior Breakfast -- Period 1
  • Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal (Auditorium) -- Periods 2 and 3
  • Period 4 -- Senior Luncheon
  • FINAL Graduation Rehearsal (Auditorium) -- Period 5
  • Class Photo (Stadium) -- Period 6
  • Senior Awards Ceremony (Auditorium -- By Invitation) -- 7 pm

Thursday, June 2

  • GRADUATION -- Seniors report at 10:10 am
  • School Closes at 10 am

Converations Surrounding Prom

  1. En Route to prom: Ridesharing with adult drivers is a fantastic idea. Make sure everyone understands the expectations for picking updates, parking, and night driving conditions.

  2. Don't forget to CHARGE: Selfies, texts, and group photos are big activities that can drain a cell phone battery quickly. Remind teens about appropriate posting on social media with everyone's permission and then remind them to consider how they will re-charge their phones so they can check in with you.

  3. Curfew: When is your teen expected to be home? This does not mean driving home or being almost there or waiting on a friend or a change of plans in the middle of the night. Make sure that the curfew time is clearly communicated.

  4. Buckle Up: Wearing a seat belt is mandatory and it's the law! A wrinkled prom gown or a crushed tux lapel is no excuse to skip seat belts.

  5. No Texting and Driving: This teenage group has the largest proportion of driving accidents while distracted. Remind all drivers to PARK THE PHONE while driving.

  6. No Alcohol or Drugs: This goes without saying. Also, talk to your teen about not getting into a car with anyone who might be impaired.

  7. Post Prom: It is important to know where your teen and date are going to be after the prom is over. Have a check-in time. Share contact information with other parents. As the night gets later and later, juniors and seniors will begin to get tired so they should remember that drowsy driving is just as dangerous as impaired or distracted driving.

  8. Emergency Plan: Teens are often hesitant "to tell" even when they don't feel safe. Reassure them that they can text or call you to pick them up right away if they feel they may be in a dangerous situation.

PTSA Above and Beyond Awards

Nominate Faculty & Staff Members for Above and Beyond Awards: Parents & Students, every year the PTSA recognizes faculty & staff members who have made a real difference to support students and have gone “Above and Beyond” the normal call of duty this school year. Nominees are recognized in three categories: Academic, Extracurricular, and Student Services/Support (e.g., office staff, Student Services, custodians). You can nominate one staff member in each category.

To submit your nomination(s):

Send an e-mail to Michelle Maslan ( indicating:

Name of the staff member you are nominating

The category for the nomination (Academic, Extracurricular, or Student Services/Support), and

A few sentences explaining/supporting the nomination

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, May 6, 2022, and the winners will be announced at the staff luncheon in June.

AHS StressLess Day Photos

National Teacher of the Year White House Ceremony

Mark Your Calendar

May 2 -- School Closed for Students

May 18 -- 3-hour Early Dismissal

May 26 -- Last Day of School for SENIORS

May 30 -- School Closed (Memorial Day)

June 8 -- 3-hour Early Dismissal

June 15 -- 3-hour Early Dismissal

June 16 -- 3-hour Early Dismissal

June 17 -- 3-hour Early Dismissal (LAST DAY OF SCHOOL)