Texas Statehood

By: Graydon

Texas's Opinions

Texas had just won their independence from Mexico and now they are looking for a better future in the United States. Some people had very different opinions and that was a problem. Some people didn't want to go to the United States because they had large debts and they worried about the Mexican and Indian attacks and they would get into a disagreement on something, but their biggest reason was that Texas owned slaves and the United States had said that they don't want another slave state. The other side of the story was that most people wanted to get away from the Mexican's, because when they were with Mexico they had lots of disagreements and that caused war. In one speech Sam Houston said, "the United States can't live without Texas."

Waiting and Thinking

The United States took a long time to think over Texas. They looked at slavery the most though. They already had enough slavery states and they did not need one more to add to that, but Texas fought for what they wanted and if they could be one of us they could make a better army. There was also the debts to think about. Texas owned a lot of money for the supplies they needed for the fight with the Mexican army and that was still yet to come back.

The Decsion

When James K. Polk decided to look at the bright side of Texas all went well. He thought of how brave they were when to all the men went to the Alamo and fought for their people. They were trying to make a better life for their family and their friends and they ended up dieing for them. When he went to go do a speech he convened the United States. On December 29, 1845 Texas was the 28th state!

Setting Up

After Texas heard that they were part of the United States they rejoiced, but they needed to lay some rules out. They picked J. Pinkrey Henderson as the new governor. Sam Houston and Thomas J. Rusk became senators representing the Lone Star State. They made the constitution, which took two months, and they chose a president and whom they chose Sam Houston. They were as happy as can be in those days.