Min æ Awá Sum Héahlæce

My Life as a Learned Physician

Diht ic áþ min feoh (How I make My Money)

In my life as a very learned physician, I have acquired many things for which I account for as the main earnings for my fortunes. One of the things include my medical studies where I can take to practice healing on my various patients who come to me for help. I am very confident that I will be able to identify and cure your illness with the help of my work partner, the apothecary, whom I owe all the thanks to for my riches.

Anyway, I can easily reject a customer in need because I do come at a very high cost as I am a very valuable person indeed. I would be lying if I said that I do not care for monetary gains because that is simply not true. I care about money deeply because it is what I believe makes the world work as smoothly as it does.

Dicht ic béon fricu min feoh (How I Am Using My Money)

The majority of my money has been spent on lavish objects that are to my liking. This includes my style of fashion such as an expensive blue and scarlet robes of taffeta and silk imported from the best in the world. Also includes the many rare and enriching books I have bought which would go in my fabulous library. If any of you commoners which to judge me I say so be it; I have gained my money through my own effort and intelligence therefore it is my choosing whether I wanted to spend it in a way that is lavish or not and it not wrong for me to spend it as selfishly as I please.

Min iob in þes gæd (My Job in This Society)

I am, at the least, the top 10 percent of my society when it comes down to riches I've gained. Being as high up as I am in this society, it should be this well known that I enjoy my wealth more than I enjoy caring for my fellow people. I am well-learned in my field also which is mostly due to the fact I know that it will give me the financial stability I crave for not as much for things such as the love of pure knowledge. I am a well-respected individual in this society because of the necessary job to heal other people when they are in need of assistance.

Min gímness andgelóman (My Medical Tools)

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Bisen sylfum min behogadnes (Example of My Practice)

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