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A mammogram is an x-ray picture of the breast. It is screened to check for breast cancer in women if they show no signs of cancer. Mammograms are mostly for women. There are 2 types of mammograms, screening and diagnostic. Screening mammograms are when a women gets a screening done but does not show any symptoms. A diagnostic mammogram are for women who do show evidence of breast cancer. It is recommended that a women get screened at the age of 40 or before. The visits vary on the results of the one before. It doctors found something but it was not one of the signs of breast cancer, then there will be a six month follow up appointment.
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Pap Smears

Paps Smears is a test done by doctors to figure out if there is a problem with a women's cervix. This test is only for women. This test can identify infections and other problems. Teen girls do not need to have this test done, unless recommended by a doctor. But as soon as a girl turns 21, she should get this test done. It is recommend to have this test done every 3 years.
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Testicular Exams

Testicular exam is a self-examination that a man can do to look for any lumps or bumps. Testicular cancer is rare in teenage guys, but this is the most common cancer is men 15-35. Perform this test monthly to become aware of any changes that might happen in the future. This test is for men only.
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Prostate Exams

Prostate exams can detect prostate cancer in the early stages. That is when treatment is most effective. Only men need to get this test done. If a man is over the age of 50, their chances of getting prostate cancer increase. A majority are found in men 65 and over. It is optional to be tested at 40, but 50 is most recommended. This test should be done every 10 or so years.
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