ENSC Family Notes

May 19, 2014

Who are we serving....

With all of the emphasis placed on school grades and testing, it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important for ENSC. Serving all students and providing an education that is academically strong in all subjects and rich in experiences to educate the whole child. What families often hear in the news about schools is testing results and school grades. Many people keep telling the public that Indiana schools are failing. How are they failing?

At this time In Indiana, the graduation rate is at a record high, the ISTEP results continue to climb. The curriculum is more rigorous than ever before, the tools provided to students to ensure life success are in nearly every school across the state.

I am proud to say, ENSC focuses on the whole child every day to provide opportunities and experiences that support life success.

This weekend I had the opportunity to share with someone the great things happening at East Noble High School. It was a wonderful time to reflect on our district and the support and opportunities that are provided to students of all ages. It is apparent that ENSC is committed to serving the whole child through a wide range of interventions, support, rich curriculum, and a variety of experiences.

Thank you all for the support you give your children everyday and the support to give to East Noble School Corporation.

If you are looking for updates on East Noble Middle School, go to this website:


Unified Knights Track Team

When writing about an excellent district with excellent opportunities for our students, the Unified Knights Track Team is the latest addition to the line up of stellar programs and stellar students.

ENSC adaptive PE teacher and head coach, Ryan Pepple, started the team with the help from assistant coaches Jacob Swartz, and Clint Stickle. IHSAA recently added the Unified Sports and Track Team to the list of school athletic events and is to include both general education and special education students. The team allows special needs students to compete along side general education students. The East Noble High School team has 16 students this year and they are competing in a variety of sprints, longer distances, and field events.

Back to the stellar students....how great is it that our general education students have made this opportunity possible for our special education students. How great is it that our special education students have the opportunity to be a part of a team, travel to other schools, and for an afternoon be just like their peers. The pride that is shown by all of the students and their families is outstanding.

Super Hero of the Week Goes to.....Jon Tiedeman, ENSC Psychologist

To infinity and beyond – Those who have had the opportunity to work with Jon know that this is his hallmark. As one of East Noble’s School Psychologists, Jon brings to the district a strong conviction to go to the lengths of his profession in order to learn how students learn and by being an active team member, develops ways for the student to fully maximize their educational experience. Students Jon has either worked with or has run across in the district find him to be upbeat and enthusiastic about the learning environment. His positive outlook and drive to achieve creates a sense of optimism and drive for the students to push through some of the challenges they may face in their day to day work.

A Few Websites worth a look

Curriculum and Building Notes


After such a long winter and a slow moving spring, the recent sunshine is bound to have an effect on us all- a positive effect that may cause us to stop and soak in the rays. Each year as we approach the end of a school year, I hear parents, students, and school personnel make comments about their desire for a break over summer- time to sit and relax while enjoying the sun. I have to admit I do not feel this way. May brings about a time of planning for me. I start with post-it note lists which quickly turn into legal note pad lists - lists of things I need to get to over summer, list of things I want to improve upon for next year, and lists of new ideas that I can’t wait to try.

Students, as much as they long for break, also need help planning for the next school year. They need opportunities to reflect on what went well this year and what they need to plan for over the next school year. Some students will have novels to read or projects to complete this summer and they need some organizational guidance on how not to leave these until the last minute. Pushing all thoughts of school out of their head for two months may seems exciting and wanted, but inevitably this can lead to high levels of stress and panic in the weeks leading up to the new school year. Have I done everything I was supposed to? Am I ready for the new school year? What have I forgotten to do?

I encourage you to help your students/children to have a summer plan that focuses on school for a little bit over the summer months. You might find that it makes for a better transition in the fall.

Alternative Learning Center

If you drove by the ALC this week, you may have noticed the sweet smell of success. We had a record breaking week!!! There were credits earned, milestones passed and graduations achieved! Let’s start with the credits. We had NUMEROUS students earn credits this week, pushing us past the 100 credit mark for the second trimester in a row!!! What a great achievement for our students!!! We are now sitting on the brink of 300 credits for the year. I believe 300 credits will be a new record for the number of credits earned at the ALC in one year. The number of credits our students have accumulated this year is reason for celebration, but an even greater reason to celebrate is that we had two students complete their graduation requirements this week. A big ALC CONGRATULATIONS GOES OUT TO JACKIE INMAN AND ABDULLAH AHMED, both of whom completed their graduation requirements!!! We are very proud of them for their accomplishments and wish them well in all their future endeavors.

Avilla Elementary

What a great week at Avilla School! OUR 6th graders were able to meet several people from the middle school and had the opportunity to sign up for elective classes this past Thursday evening. A HUGE SHOUT OUT goes to OUR PTO and MR. PINE for two outstanding meals this week! We are so blessed to be working with such great people in a great community. Please take a look at the happening from OUR students.


East Noble High School

In the life sciences, the Biology classes will be taking their ECA test on Thursday May 22 and Friday May 23. This test assesses knowledge gained over 2 trimesters of study including Genetics, Evolution, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Ecology and general science applications. The test is taken electronically and will thus require students to update their computers and install I-Tester on their computers for the test. Some students have had as many as 129 updates to do.

Honors Biology classes will be wrapping up their individual research projects next week. Project topics include testing of materials for drag on swim suits, using carbon nanotubes to desalinate water, trying to improve random number generation matrices on a computer and many others. They will also be traveling to Gene Stratton Porter for presentations on ecology topics and will be offered the chance to help design part of their new exhibit area. The Anatomy classes will finally be finished with their cat dissections and wrap up the year with cardiovascular and blood units.

In Chemistry the students will be working on gas laws and will be using our LoggerPro software to collect data on how pressure changes with changes in volume. The AP Chemistry class just finished their AP testing and will be doing a project on Ion identification. For this, they will be testing for many different unknown ions in solutions and making predictions of what is present in their unknowns based on their evidence. This will be part of their final for the class.

East Noble Middle School

Middle School teachers traveled to the elementary schools to speak with the 6th grade classes on what to expect when coming to the middle school. Mr. Deming led a presentation that introduced the students to the teachers, staff members, and policies of ENMS. The group of teachers and administrators spent a half-hour with each group. Students at every school asked great questions and showed excitement at entering the middle school and the 7th grade. A special thanks to the Avilla PTO who put together a fantastic lunch for the traveling teachers.

Students in 7th grade have begun reading “Chain Reaction.” They have learned the details of the Columbine school shooting, and about Rachel Scotts life (the first victim in the tragedy). They have started studying ways to create a “chain reaction of kindness,” which was Rachel’s life’s mission.

Students were given assignments to do acts of caring through the month as part of this non-fiction study. Some of the days:

· Write an anonymous note of appreciation to a teacher

· Compliment at least 20 people you wouldn’t typically talk to

· Help clean up around the classroom and school

· Give out 50 high-fives today

· Find a quote that inspires you and create a poster for our school with it.

Don’t forget the middle school will also be hosting their annual awards ceremony on the evening of May 29th at 6:00 PM in the Cole Auditorium. Join us for a night of celebration of the academic and athletic achievements of ENMS students throughout the 2013-2014 school year.

North Side Elementary

On Wednesday, May 7, kindergarten students travelled to Camp Lutherhaven for their field trip. At Camp Lutherhaven students enjoyed guided activities about fossils and insects. Click on the links below to see videos of our kindergarten students creating fossils and insects. While at Camp Lutherhaven students also enjoyed walking trails to look for different plants, animals, and insects. It was a great day of outdoor learning!



The 2nd Grade students visited Science Central this past Friday. The weather outside was rotten but students found out that Science Central was much, much more than a place to play. Science Central is a catalyst for learning the most important subjects that employers will need the students to know to perform work in the future-science, technology, engineering and math, or as they are commonly called STEM.

After studying life cycles back in Kendallville our next journey took us to the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory. The highlight of this trip was the Butterfly House in the Showcase Garden. The children enjoyed a beautiful array of large exotic species within the tent. The butterflies came from habitats located in South America, Africa and Asia. The students took their iPads to capture many beautiful photos to use video creation back at school. Please view the link below.

Click here to read the story.

Rome City Elementary

This has been a very busy week at Rome City School. It started out with our “Muffins for Mom” bright and early Monday morning. We had an extremely successful turnout with approximately 325 moms, grandmas, aunts, students and siblings come. Everyone enjoyed visiting and picking from trays of fruit and different breakfast sweets.

Mrs. Stallman’s 5th and 6th Grade Art classes enjoyed a visit from a former Rome City student. Jared Cole returned to share his experience with the students. Jared recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in architecture. He talked about what architects do and showed the students some of his projects and models.

Wednesday evening Rome City was proud to announce the induction of 16 new members into our Limberlost Elementary Honor Society. The 6th grade band played for the ceremony and the Rome City Color Guard Legion Post #381 presented the colors. The cafeteria was full of proud families, and staff that came to see this special event.

South Side Elementary

What could be more fun than puppies, kittens, and kids? Not much, according to South Side’s National Elementary Honor Society members. On Monday, May 12th, thirty-one members and their two sponsors made their annual walk across Sherman Street to the Noble County Humane Society. The students chose to play with dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens as a celebration of their final meeting for the school year. It was hard to tell who had more energy, the puppies or the members. Many of the kittens attempted to love their way into a new home as the nuzzled against the necks of adoring students. We would like to extend a special thank you to Mrs. Hartman and Mrs. Blackburn for their help parent chaperones.

Grade level update this week is from third grade:

South Side third graders recently published their own autobiographies. Students spent time taking notes, talking with parents, building a time line, and creating a digital story to share their autobiographical information. Check them out by following the link: (http://youtu.be/Wm7b2mxs-rc). Everyone was able to learn so much about each other.

Since wrapping up the autobiographies, third graders began a poetry study in writer’s workshop. Students are making their own poetry anthologies, which will include a variety of poems they have written as well as poems they choose to include from other published poets. We plan on having a poetry celebration before the end of the year.

This week the third graders learned so much about healthy eating. Professor Popcorn joined each class every day, sharing important information about healthy food choices. She taught the third graders how to read the food ingredients and how to make better choices when choosing food to eat. She even brought a healthy snack everyday like sugar snap peas and hummus.

Wayne Center Elementary

Second grade has been studying the life cycle of a butterfly. They watched caterpillars eat and grow for two weeks. They were enthralled when the caterpillars went to the top of their enclosure, made a “J” and changed into their chrysalises. Being patient was hard for our second graders when waiting for our butterflies to hatch! They LOVED watching the butterflies before releasing them into wild. During work on writing students created butterfly poems. Here is one by Skylear Hucek.

Butterfly Ways
I hear a gentle flapping noise.

Oh, what could it be?

I see colors upside of me.

Oh what could it be?

Why yes it is.

A fragile butterfly right beside me.

Our first grade students rounded out their week with a trip to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. What a great way to end their study of animal habitats. Many of our youngsters have never been to the zoo so it was neat to see them get this experience.

Wayne Center third graders had the opportunity to go swimming this week at the YMCA. In the words of some third graders, “It was so much fun!”