Texas Tech University

Lubbock, Texas

Arbor Day

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When the school first started they spent most of there money on buildings so they didn't have much of a landscape. The president of the school then declared that one day every spring that they would spend the day beautifying the campus. Over the years over 20,000 trees have been planted. The tradition still goes on today and students and faculty participate on arbor day.

Gun's Up

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The gun's up sign as seen above is a well known greeting between one red raider to another. It is also known as the sign they use when they win in a athletic event. The sign was made because of a school student wanting to have a hand signal like the university of Texas as "hookem horns". The school cheer leading team then adopted the sign immediately and new traditions were born.

Carol of Lights

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To celebrate the holiday season the school does there tradition Carol of Lights. The event starts off with the Texas Tech Combined Choirs singing holiday songs at the Science Area. When the school turns on the lights, Students as well as people who came for the show stand in awe as over 25,000 red, white, and orange lights turn on around 13 buildings in the school center. When they first started the tradition the school students were away for Christmas holidays and could not see the light display. Now the tradition is one of the most celebrated of the traditions