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Ancient India

Questions on Ancient India

1. Where is ancient India located?

Ancient India is located southwest of China and southeast of Pakistan.Ancient India is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, the Indian ocean, and the Arabian sea.Ancient India is on the continent of Asia.India has very many different cities.

2. Why did they settle in Ancient India?

The people of ancient India settled in ancient India because of the rivers valleys and fertile land which would help crops and farmers.The farmers needed the fertile land in order to dig and plant seeds.Without rain there wouldn't be a lot of fertile land.Also if there was no rain they wouldn't be able to grow crops.

3. What are the geographical features?

The geographical features of ancient India are the Hindu Mountain Range, the Himalaya Mountains ( this is where Mt. Everest is located),The Ganges plain and the Ganges river, the Deccan Plateau, and the Indus river.These geographical features help ancient Indians by the fertile land surrounding or at these geographical features.

4. How did humans impact the land?

Humans impacted ancient India's land by growing crops, raising animals, and building landscapes.This would affect the way the land continues to change, because of the weather and flooding.Ancient Indians used the floodings that left behind rich and fertile soil.Ancient Indians used clay to build the houses that the ancient Indians lived in.

5. What natural resources are present?

The natural resources that are present are plants would be used for medicines and food, soil would help the crops grow because of the minerals in the soil , water would water crops which gives you food , minerals like salt would help season food would also help soil fertilize crops, and preserve meats.
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