Benito Mussolini

Grace Blenker

Benito Mussolini

  • Mussolini was an Italian dictator from 1922-1943
  • Was born in 1883
  • He had a teaching degree

Main Ideas

  • Mussolini had good intentions for Italy, however his plans were not very Successful.
  • Mussolini was a dictator who craved power, but didn't know how to handle power very well.
This image shows one of the poor decisions he made with his army. Hitler was attacking a country, and thinking it would do him good he sent his army to fight as well, however it didn't end up so well.

Evidence for main idea 1

Mussolini had tried to lower the unemployment and communism in Italy, these are the two promises he made his people. However, the way he was running the government caused more unemployment.

Evidence for main idea 2

  • Mussolini was named prime minister but soon became dictator
  • As dictator Mussolini made poor military and economic choices
  • He won very few battles
  • He rushed into decisions without taking a closer look or consideration of how it may go wrong



"Mussolini never accepted responsibility for his failures but blamed others, when he alone was responsible."

I chose this quote because I think it is something that everyone could learn, and it also describes Mussolini as a dictator. It describes how he wasn't very confident in himself, which lead him to make poor decisions, because he was given all of the power.


Rapprochement- an establishment of relations