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Week of January 11th

Important Reminders for the Week of January 11th

11 Jan 2016--McDonald's Provided Faculty Breakfast beginning between 7:30 and 7:45 AM

11 Jan 2016--Local PD (See below)

11 Jan 2016--Grades due by noon

12 Jan 2016--Students return

12, 14 & 15 Jan 2016--Southern Conference Girls Basketball Tournament @ Briarwood Christian (See Coach Kunath for more details)

12, 14 & 15 Jan 2016--Southern Conference 8th Grade Boys' Basketball Tournament (See Coach Williams for more details)

12 Jan 2016--NO Faculty Meetings during planning periods (Make sure you read all reminders sent out via email)

12 Jan 2016--MEDC in Conference Room

12 Jan 2016--All time cards for the holiday break must be approved

14 & 15 Jan 2016--Crisis Center Presentations: Stress Management (Porter and Shaw's 8th Grade)

14 Jan 2016--Fire/Tornado Drill 6th Period

15 Jan 2016--Area Spelling Bee

15 Jan 2016--1st Semester Report Cards Mailed

15 Jan 2016--Parent Contact Logs due by 3 PM to the designated administrator.

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Messages from the Principal

  • PD Sessions on Monday are broken up into your Advisement Groups. This is for grouping of teachers only. We will going information relating to Global Scholar and CompassLearning. You will need to bring both log-ins for this session.
  • We will not begin the new advisory schedule until the week of January 19th. Make sure you review with the students in your 1st period class where they will report on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Follow the link below to view the current schedule for Advisement lessons. Please make note for your planning purposes.
  • All teachers are responsible for the information that we send out to you via email. "I forgot" or "I did not check my email" are not acceptable excuses.
  • Remember when entering grades for students currently assigned to the JCCLC, you will need to run a grade report from CompassLearning and enter their grades in INOW. The grades in CompassLearning are not weighted at the 75%/25% categories so you cannot simply take the overall grade from CompassLearning. You will need to enter the assessment average and the classwork average from CompassLearning in INOW to get an accurate grade for the students. Elective teachers (including PE) should have frozen the grade of any student sent to the JCCLC. Only assignments made prior to being sent and after the student returns count against the student when determining the students average.
  • Make sure you have updated your PLPs with evidence form 1st semester, We will be wrapping up the last of the ten minute observations in January and begin discussing the format we will use for the 2nd round of observations that will begin in February.
  • As soon as the containers come in, we will be mounting them in the classroom for you to keep your Units of Study. We will begin doing our pop-in visits this month. Remember you will no longer be submitting lessons plans via email. You will still send in parent contact logs every two weeks. The first one is scheduled to be turned in January 15th by 3 PM.
  • Make sure you are reviewing the duty roster each week. Morning duty begins at 7:20 not 7:30.

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