CTE Charging Station

October 3-7

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Information for our Campus

Monday, October 3, grades due in gradespeed by 2:15; wifi for BYOD should be up and running

Tuesday, October 4, proof PROG by using google form by 4

Wednesday, October 5, Faculty Meeting, PSAT training

Thursday, October 6

Friday, October 7, Early Dismissal, short department meeting in PM

Nearpod training during your conference on Thursday, October 13. Nearpod is an interactive classroom tool for teachers to engage students with interactive lessons.

Just a reminder that for any field trip, the nurse needs a 2 week lead time to clear students for medical.

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CTE Copier

Print services and the copier techs have stated those particular machines are not designed for large quantities. A classroom set..50-60 or less is better on the machine. Please use the machines in the 8000 work room for larger quantities.

Important Dates

October 3 & 4- Rosh Hashanah

October 3- Grades upload at 2:30 for 6 weeks Progress Report...UIL ELIGIBILITY!


October 7- Early Release, DEPARTMENT MEETING right at 2:10

October 10- Staff Development Day, Open Enrollment Begins

October 11- T-TESS observations begin, Yom Kippur

October 14- IGAs are due, End of 1st 9 weeks

October 17- Grades upload at 4 for 1st 9 weeks GTCH

October 19-PSAT, Seniors report at noon, only meet 4,5,6,7 & 8th periods

October 27- Big 50th Celebration Event

October 28- Open Enrollment Ends

November 3- Course Convention (when we put in for what courses we want to offer next year)

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Chuy's on October 7?

Budget Information

The CTE district budget was cut by 7%. This affects everyone. I met with Debbie Ruel-Schaefer to get information about cost per student for specific types of classes. I used her knowledge to get an idea of how much per student to give each person. I can make some adjustments, since I am still learning about how all of this works; however, we do not have much to work with. We added 3 new people this year and are now completely funding EMT which was previously funded by UTHSC. With all of this we were given less than $1,000 more for this year's budget than last year. So most people had a cut in their budget. I have kept back in reserve $1837.00 . Please be conservative with your spending. Towards the end of the year if the reserve is still intact, I will redistribute that money. I have emailed each person their budget amount, but if you have questions, please do not hesitate to come talk to me. We will discuss budget on October 7 at our department meeting.
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Short 9 Weeks

This is a short 9 weeks (only 8). Next PROG is uploaded on October 3, but then the next week is a 4 day week and the 9 week ends on Friday. So, students will receive a progress report on October 7 and then grades close one week later for the 9 weeks. Make sure your students are aware of this.

Secondary Instructional Monthly (Technology Tips)

We have a new great IT, Wes Ryan. He will be a great asset to WC. Check out the monthly update on the IT blog for hints and helps with using technology in our classrooms. See box below.

Applaud Corner

Thank you Eddie and Cathy for taking Ken's ARD this week!
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