Math and Science in Ancient India

What was math and science like back then?

Mathematics and Science History

Before the Gupta mathematicians, the Hindu mathematicians had already made many advances in mathematical fields, including ways of writing whole numbers using the numerals 1 through 9. However, the Gupta people furthered these advancements, inventing decimal systems to give numbers further details: this system involved 10 basic numerals with different values depending on their place, a system that also worked with fractions in the same way.

Important Contributions

  • One major contribution was that the Hindi were the very first to treat 0 as an actual number, a number without which many calculations are impossible.
  • Hindu-Arabic numerals
  • Invention of mathematical algorithms-series of steps used to solve a problem-ofter used by computer programmers today
  • Followed and mapped movement of the planets and stars, understanding gravity and Earth's revolution around the Sun
  • ideas of what the universe was made up of-coming up with atoms before the Greeks did
  • Able to set broken bones and perform operations, invented many medical tools

Great Mathematicians of Ancient India

Arabs Spread Math Around the Globe

Later on, Arabs learned the Indian system of numbers and spread this to Europe, inciting the name Arabic numerals, or Hindu-Arabic numerals, a system still in use today.