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The Conference of Elementary-Secondary Teaching & Learning (CESTL)

Sponsored by the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, College of Education, Information and Technology

A semi-annual one-day conference on teaching and learning at both the elementary and secondary school level. CESTL was originally founded by Dr. Dengting Boyanton in 2007 at University of Texas at Brownsville. Currently, CESTL conference is organized by the College of Education at Long Island University C.W. Post Campus. Unlike traditional conferences, CESTL is student-centered and it strives to provide the best platform for students to exchange their research findings and discoveries on teaching and learning. It is a conference of the students, for the students, and by the students.

My Experience at CESTL

I plan to speak at the CESTL conference sometime in the near future. I made a presentation when I was an undergraduate student, and it was a good opportunity to network. Students research important educational topics and share their findings among other students, professors and deans. Mine happened to be on technology in the classroom. I was asked to present my findings on the benefits and detriments of technology in the classroom (2010). After my speech, I was invited to a local high school to speak on the topic of technology, unfortunately I was not able to make it, but it was a great chance to meet people who are interested in the same ideas you are. Speaking in public can be nerve wrecking, but the more practice, the more comfortable you become.

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New Teacher Workshops

First year, and NEW to the district non tenured, teachers must complete 15 hours of New Teacher Training

The workshops I have attended follow,

Professional Organizations

Mu Alpha Theta

I am currently the advisor for Mu Alpha Theta, which is a National Math Honor society that is dedicated to inspiring students who enjoy math, to practice and study math beyond the classroom. As a committee of upper level math students, we provide services such as tutoring and community services. We tutor students of all ages. We participate in free web-based competitions which award grants and prizes based on placing.

We hold an induction ceremony in April. Elite students with an overall GPA above 3.0, no final grade in Math below a 90, and at least two years of high school math are able to join; inspiring members can participate until they reach requirements.

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Professional Development

I would love to participate in creating a professional development for my colleagues. Even though many of them may not change their ways, I believe they can benefit by some professional development in technology! 7 out of our 9 math classrooms are equipped with smart boards, but only about half are being utilized. This may stem from lack of knowledge or problems with the device being broken or missing pieces. I also know, being a traveling classroom teacher, it takes time to reboot the computer each time you enter the room which can create issues due to little time for each period. Even if my colleagues don't want to implement it, I would like to share with them some techniques and lessons I have put together that use technology such as video clips, visualizations and engaging slides.

Our school has a computer lab equipped with a smart board. I would have teachers meet in the lab and follow along during a presentation. I would start by showing them some of the interesting things I have made using the smart tech tools, and also how I have incorporated Common Core into the lessons. I could show them multiple tools I have learned, I am not a master, but the more you play the more you can learn. I would then have them create their own smart board presentation and test out some tools and see if they like it.