Mentee Minute

September 6, 2013 ~ Volume 5

This Month's Focus: ePortfolio

We think this is one of the "fun" aspects of online teaching! It is a great way to get creative and display what you do in the classroom. So, don't fret about portfolio deadlines! Embrace the opportunity to shine!

Techie Tips - Jeff Giddens Instructional Technologist

Use fonts wisely. Clutter can come in all kinds of guises. When we use fonts indiscriminately with no regard to continuity, we assail our students ability to make sense of the information we are sharing. Choosing and consistently using a font or two promotes legibility and readability.

  • Legibility refers to how a typeface or font is designed and how well one individual character can be distinguished from another
  • Readability refers to the way in which words and blocks of type are arranged on a page.

Kevin Larson of Microsoft found that the skilled use of good fonts:

  • makes people frown less, relaxes the mind, makes it more receptive
  • improves performance on creative cognitive tasks tackled after reading

Hyunjin Song and Norbert Schwarz found that choice of font influences the ideas we try to communicate. Readability is absolutely essential.

  • Text must be easy to read. Be readable first, and then worry about looking cool.
  • How simple or complex a font is dramatically affects reading
  • Simple font is more likely to get the readers to make a commitment to encoding, analyzing, and remembering a message.
  • Make the type size easy to read and use simple words and sentence structure

What is the Eportfolio?

ePortfolio Protocol

Statement: Participation in professional development and learning activities offers an opportunity for professional growth. The field of online education is constantly changing and this dynamic provides an environment of continuous improvement. The ePortfolio displays personal and professional accomplishments, instructional best practices, reflection on professional development experiences and evidence of differentiation, innovation and benchmark goals.

Take a look at the ePortfolio Protocol document:

Breaking Down ePortfolio

Component One ~ Personal Profile

I. Personal Profile

The elements below are required, other pertinent personal information can be added. Innovation is always welcome.

  • Name

  • Picture

  • Years with Georgia Virtual Learning

  • Positions - Instruction, development, special education, etc...

  • Department(s)

  • A personal statement of online teaching philosophy and goals. This site will help you write your own philosophy of teaching

Component Two ~ Professional Profile

II. Professional Profile (three artifacts required - all should be current/updated)

  • Endorsements, certifications, or licensures

  • Professional organizations

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Formal evaluations (GAVS only)

  • Resume

  • Awards/Distinctions

ePortfolio Tips

* Be creative in presentation

* Don't be afraid to brag

* Keep it clean and organized

* Be descriptive in summaries

* Show growth

* Reflect, reflect, reflect

Need Help Getting Started

Check out the Teacher Toolbox for ePortfolio tutorials, as well as other helpful tutorials.

Meet the Department Coordinators

Dana Bauries ~ Social Studies

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science Education with a minor in Psychology from the University of South Florida, and a Master's Degree in Instructional Systems: Open and Distance Learning from Florida State University. I enjoy learning about new technologies and how they are implemented into online courses in order to improve student success. I truly love my job! As an educator, I want ALL my students to be successful. Through technology, the opportunity to succeed in unlimited.

Freda Goodman ~ Social Studies

Ms. Goodman was born in Erding, Germany but considers Baltimore, MD her hometown. She has a BA degree from University of Maryland and an M.ED from Johns Hopkins University. Go TERPS! She has two grown children who live and work in New York. Her son is an artist entrepreneur and her daughter is a neuroscientist working in pharmaceutical research.

Carlos Fernandez ~ World Languages

I've been an educator for 25+ years. I have been a department chair for at least 20 yrs for two different school districts; currently I am a department coordinator with GAVS. Taking a sabbatical from education, I worked for Delta Airlines as an international flight attendant giving me the opportunity to visit my different Hispanic countries; and was selected by Delta to be one of four of Georg W. Bush's personal flight attendants as he campaigned for his first presidential campaign. My language experience allowed my to expand my horizons in the job market while on my sabbatical. This experience is one I will never forget and will make it a point to share with my family and students so they too will understand that being monolingual does not make them as marketable in this Global society. I believe online learning [specifically languages] is the wave of the future that will help our students be more marketable in the work force; Education is currently riding that wave. GAVS is leading the way.

Tomoko Frayer ~ World Languages

I am native Japanese, born in Tokyo, Japan. I graduated from Sophia University, Tokyo and majored in German Language and International Study. After working in Germany, I obtained my Master’s degree in Education (Computer Assisted Instruction) from the University of Hull, UK. I taught Japanese Language in Singapore Polytechnic for 10 years and developed the Artificial Intelligence Computer Assisted Instruction system for 5 years. I came to the US to work in computer companies. After I moved to Georgia from California, I worked for a Distance Learning program at Georgia Public Broadcasting. I have been teaching in Georgia Virtual School since 2008.

Amanda Teixeira ~ World Languages

My name is Amanda Teixeira and I teach Spanish with GA Virtual. I am one of three World Language Department Coordinators. My areas cover French and German. My experience with GA Virtual of five years has been a very valuable one. I learn something new daily and feel that students rise to the occasion with high expectations and good modeling habits led by their instructors.

Andrea Carmichael ~ CTAE/Electives

I am originally from Canada and have been living in Georgia for the last 12 years. I studied Science at the University of Waterloo and received my teaching degree from the University of Ottawa. From there, I moved to Nassau, Bahamas where I met my husband. During this time I taught Math, Science, Health and PE at an International School for 4 years before moving to Georgia. I have also completed my Masters Degree in Technology in Education from Lesley University. This is my fifth year teaching with GAVS and I love the online learning format. Currently, I serve as one of 2 Department Coordinators for the CTAE/Electives Department and am teaching Health and Personal Fitness this semester. I have 2 daughters; Leah, 9 and Marlee, 5, who keep me very busy. I also like to run, bike and workout.

Valerie Bentley ~ CTAE/Electives

I have been teaching online since 2006, and have been with GaVS since the Fall of 2007. My area of concentration is Business Education and I have taught Computer Applications, Computing in the Modern World, Business Procedures, Financial Literacy, and Fundamentals of Web Design with GaVS. I also serve as an adjunct Department Coordinator for CTAE/Electives. Additional duties have included mentoring new teachers and reviewing and developing courses for GaVS. I am working on completing my master’s degree in Instructional Technology at Troy University. In my spare time I enjoy reading and traveling.

Angie Aufderheide ~ Science

I have a B.S. in chemistry from Oglethorpe University and am working on my M.Ed. in instructional technology from Kennesaw State University. I was a teacher in a face-to-face classroom for seven years and have been an online teacher for over seven years, six of those at GaVS. While at GaVS, I have taught, revised, and/or developed many classes including physical science, chemistry, forensic science, and physics. I have my Online Teaching Endorsement and am a GaVS Master Teacher. My husband and I live near Grayson, Georgia. I have three children: Lizzie (22), Aidan (10), and Eli (8). In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, football, and traveling.

LaEla Mitchell ~ Science

I obtained my Bachelor of Science from Spelman College and both my M.Ed. and Ed.D. from University of Phoenix. I have been teaching for 14 years and have experience teaching at the middle school, high school, and collegiate levels. I have been working for the GaVS for the past eight years and during that time I have complete development, revisions, mentoring, and instruction. Currently, I serve as one of the Department Coordinators for the science department.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and our three sons, Isaiah, Amari, and Josiah.

Stephanie Arrington ~ Math

I grew up in Canandaigua, NY near Rochester and Buffalo. I have two sisters with whom I am very close. In 2004, I moved to the suburbs of Atlanta with my husband and daughter Mackenzie. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and traveling. I attended the State University at Potsdam for two years before transferring to the State University College at Buffalo where I earned my Bachelors in Math. I later attended the University of Phoenix earning a Masters in Education. After graduation, I taught eighth grade math for 4 years. Then I transferred to a nearby high school and taught math for 4 years and computer science for 3 years. I now work full time for Georgia Virtual School serving as Math Coordinator and math and computer science teacher.

Victoria Barbour ~ Math

I Victoria Barbour and I am one of the Math Department Coordinators at GaVS. I have taught traditional public school for 4 years in the Atlanta area. I have been teaching online for 2 years. I graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor’s in Mathematical Sciences. I am originally from South Carolina – from a small town called Santee. The location is 45 minutes from Charleston and Columbia!!

I have been married for 7 years. We have 4 beautiful children, Zoë (6 years old), Grace (soon to be 5 years old), Faith (soon to be 3 years old) and Hope(soon to be 2)!

Kelley Brumbelow ~ English

I have been teaching for 12 years - 6 of those years with GaVS. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor's in English Education. Go Dawgs! I also have a Master's and Specialist's degree in Education. I have been married for 10 years and have three little girls: Reese (6), Ryleigh (4), and Reagan (1). I love hanging out with my family and enjoy singing and scrapbooking.