Internet Safety: Teens

What Should Teens Know About Internet Safety/Bullying?

How Can Teens Decrease Bullying AND Be An Up-stander?

Did you know that YOU can decrease bullying? Well, you can. Here are some tips on what you can do to decrease bullying:

  • NEVER give out personal information
  • Don't tell anyone your passwords except for trusted adults
  • Save mean comments
  • Don't post rude/mean comments Don't join rude

You can also be an up stander: An up-stander is a person who helps when they see cyber bullying/bullying. So, take a stand and do something about it and help out.

Online/Social Media Dangers

  • Meeting someone online is a danger because you never know who it could actually be.
  • It is possible that teens get into online fights. They could say something and get in big trouble they can also threaten others in an online fight.
  • Once you put something online, it NEVER comes off. Be careful what you post people can save whatever you posted and can be seen by minors.
  • There are many people online that are looking to steal identity. Which is not a good thing they can steal who you are and all of your personal information and associate it with themselves.
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How can teens stay safe online?

  • NEVER give out any personal information!
  • NEVER post photo's of your location or yourself-people can track you down and where you are.
  • NEVER meet face to face with someone you met online! You could be talking to a "13" year old when your actually taking to a 50 year old!!!!
  • NEVER answer questions people ask about yourself that could give out any personal information!
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Just remember to stay safe online because it is important! So, if your in doubt of posting/doing anything just don't do it helps benefit you and keeps you safe! And, don't cyberbully it can really hurt someone else. By being safe online it can prevent cyber bullying so be safe!