2011 Japan Tsunami Project

Date- Jun, 18, 2011

What is a Tsunami?

Giant ocean waves that are created when the seafloor moves because of large earthquakes, landslides, or erupting volcanoes

What happened to the Food and Water?

plant soils ruined water and food supply,also the radio active material contaminated the food and water supply making it to where people had to boil their water to drink it because if the water was consumed it could result in illness

What happened to the energy?

Japan thought they were prepared for disaster. Japan lived on nuclear power. The energy was cheap, clean and safe. Japan had no power for months.

How did it effect the ecosystem?

It effected the fisheries,coral reef, the seafloor,and the mangrove disorienting them,along with leaving behind underwater dunes.

Most animals were killed when the tsunami impacted the land.Animals that survived the impact were killed from the food and water in their ecosystem when it was contaminated.

How were we effected?

The earthquake lasted for 6 minutes. The tsunami killed more than 23,000 people. In the aftermath 236 children were orphans. 3,760 people went missing and 158 kids went missing.