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February 1, 2022

Nantucket Elementary School Latest News and Calendar Updates

Hello Families,

We hope you survived Winter Storm Kenan relatively unscathed!! That surely was something!! After a crazy stormy day on Saturday, the sun was a welcome sign on Sunday. Everything looked so beautiful. The children were so excited to play in the snow for recess yesterday.

With the snow, it is important for students to have boots, snow pants, gloves or mittens, a hat and a warm coat in order to be outside playing in the snow. If they do not have boots or snow pants they cannot be in the snow. It is also always a good idea to send in an extra change of clothes in case things get wet outside. Please remember that we do our best to get students outside daily, as long as the temperature is at least "feels like 15 degrees".

Lots of terrific learning going on this month!! PreK is going to have a visit by the NHA staff to help create Sailor's Valentines and they will be learning about Presidents. Kindergarten is comparing lengths, building bigger reading muscles, writing to teach others, and they are investigating civic holidays and symbols. In first grade, they will be writing opinions, learning about animal traits, and finishing biographies in Social Studies. Our second graders will be reading bigger books and doing some writing about their reading!

We are excited to announce that we will have Kindergarten Registration in person this month. On these two evenings, Wednesday 2/9 and Thursday 2/10, we are inviting parents of children (and the children!) who will be 5 years old by 9/1/2022 to come to NES. As we are trying to do this authentically, we want to do this safely. We are making the suggestion that students with last names A-K come on Wednesday and students with last names L- Z come on Thursday. We offer this as a suggestion to balance the visitors for both nights. This is a suggestion and we understand there may be those who can't do this. Know that it is most important that people come when they can!! The exact same thing will happen on both nights. These activities include: signing in, scheduling a registration/child screening appointment, visit with the nurse, visit with the English Language Learner Director, visit with Nantucket Community School, completing developmental paperwork, and most importantly, meet Kindergarten Teachers and check out Kindergarten classrooms!! Please feel free to call NES front office with any questions you may have about this wonderful event. Also, please share this information with any families you know with age eligible children. Advertisements for this event will be shared in media outlets.

Remember to frequently check out the NES website for all current information, Parent Handbooks, School Improvement Plan, upcoming important dates, fun photos, and school council information. click on schools and select NES

As always, please feel comfortable reaching out to Kim Albertson or myself should you have any questions. We are always happy to assist!!


Kim Kubisch and Kim Albertson

NPS Campus Master Plan - Years of Thoughtful Planning - Phase 9

There will be a School Committee Workshop on February 8, 2022 to discuss the current phase proposed in the Campus Wide Master Plan. This meeting, like all other school committee meetings, is open to the public. The discussion will be about the Athletic Fields.

6:00 - 8:00 Nantucket High School

See NPS website for more information: Campus Wide Master Plan

Nurse's Corner

Oral health is extremely important for students. Please think about speaking with your health care provider about fluoride to prevent dental caries. Additionally The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children see a dentist twice yearly.

Nantucket Elementary School