The Skeletal System

By Queenie Desplat

What is the smallest bone?

It is the stapes aka stirrups which is a 3 millimetre bone in the ear.

How do we move?

Muscles pull the joints so we can move.

Which bone is the longest?

The longest bone is in the leg which is the femur.

Why do we have a rib cage?

The ribs form a cage to protect the heart, lungs, liver and spleen.

How many bones are there in a hand?

There are 26 bones in a hand.

What are bones made of?

bones are made of the peritoneum. It's a thin, dense membrane that contains nerves and blood vessels that nourish the bone. the compact bone. This part is smooth and very hard. It's the part you see when you look at a skeleton. the cancerous bone, which looks a bit like a sponge. Cancerous bone is not quite as hard as compact bone, but it is still very strong. last but by no means least is the bone marrow. bone marrow is a sort of jelly that is located in the middle of the bone. bone marrow helps create blood cells.

Why do we need bones?

bones give your body structure, let you move in many ways and protect your organs.

What is the scientific name for a kneecap?

the scientific name for a kneecap is patella.

What holds muscles and bones together?

rough tissues called tendons hold muscles and bones together.

what is the scientific name for the thigh bone?

the scientific name for the thigh bone is the femur.

what does our spine do?

without a spine we would not be able to stand.

why do babies have more bones then adults?

when you are a baby, you have about 300 bones but as you grow these eventually fuse (grow together) as you grow to form 206 bones.