Ernest Miller Hemingway

Date of Birth/Death

Birth was July 21, 1899 Ernest death was at age 1899 to 1961


He was born in Oak park, il

place of death

He died in Ketchum ,ID

his education was at

His education school Oak Park and River Forest High School (1913–1917)


He had four wives there names were Elizabeth Richardson, Pauline Pfeiffer, Martha Gellhorn, Mary Welsh


Gregory Hemingway, Patrick Hemingway, Jack Hemingway


n Chicago, as Olson said, it was Carl Sandburg, a Pulitzer-prize winning author and editor, and Sherwood Anderson, a short story writer, who would continue to tickle his interest in writing. And indeed it was Anderson who provided what was perhaps the single-most influential event of Hemingway’s young life, when he wrote letters of introduction for Ernest and Hadley Hemingway to Gertrude Stein and Sylvia Beach.


Ernest Hemingway enters Oak Park and River Forest High School. He proves to be an excellent student athlete who boxes, plays football and writes for the school newspaper and yearbook.


was one of the most famous and influential American writers of the 1900s. He received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1954. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his novel THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA (1952).


The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.

Interesting Facts/Story

He lived in Paris at the height of Gertrude Stein’s Lost Generation and survived two airplane crashes on successive days in Africa. He lived in Key West, Cuba, Toronto, Chicago and many places in between. He drank with F Scott Fitzgerald and James Joyce, and he married four times.