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2016-17 Staff Newsletter #7

October Calendar:

October 17 - One-hour session, 3:45-4:45pm, Library

October 17 - PTO Meeting, 6:00pm, Library

October 17 - Math Parent Night led by Dr. Woodard, 7:00pm, Library

October 18 - Grade 2 to Planetarium, 9:45am

October 18 - Title I Parent Meeting, 7:00pm

October 19 - Leadership Team Meeting, Ed Center (Sara OOB until midday)

October 19 - Gr. 5 Bullying Assembly w/Officer Perez, Library,10:25-11:10

October 19 - Gr. 6 Bullying Assembly w/Officer Perez, Library, 11:10-11:55

October 20 - Title I Parent Meeting, 9:00am

October 22 - Boyertown Halloween Parade

October 25 - Faculty Meeting at 7:35am, Library

October 26 - Author Visit, Grades K-3 at 8:45am in All Purpose Room

October 26 - Grade 5 Philharmonic Visit at JHW, leave EES at 9:25am

October 27 - Grade 1 Field trip to Wildlands Conservancy/Fish Hatchery

October 28 - Halloween Parade at 2:30pm (volunteers arrive at 2:15pm)

Halloween Parties follow the parade


BOYS' BATHROOM ISSUES have continued this week. Please refer to Rod's email on Friday and reinforce appropriate bathroom etiquette with your students. Also, if any students report bathroom issues, please alert Rod or me right away. Finally, please be sure to use a sign-in/sign-out sheet when sending students to the hallway bathrooms. Thank you for help and support!

TEACHER WEBPAGE REQUIREMENTS During this process of updating the BASD webpage we have found that some teacher pages may need to be updated as well. As a reminder the district does require all teachers to have the following items on their district web page.


Contact Information (phone and e-mail)

Subject Specific Information

(This could include general information about the big ideas you teach throughout the year.)

In addition the following items are encouraged:

A picture of yourself

Some type of background information including such items as the school you went to, hobbies, or interests

A link to your monthly newsletter (if applicable)


For those interested additional pages can be created through School Wires. Additionally, if you want more flexibility you can link your page to Google-sites as well. For those of you who may need to make changes or additions please do so by the end of the semester (January 19, 2017).

UNITED WAY Please be sure to hand in your donation card to the office by the end of the month. Thank you for considering a donation to this worthy cause.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND SUPPORT DURING PARENT VISITATION DAY! Parents were smiling as they entered and left the building! Thank you for being welcoming and encouraging a positive connection between home and school.

ONE HOUR SESSION UPDATES Our next one-hour after school session will be on Monday, October 17th. We will meet at 3:45pm in the Earl library. Please bring your laptop to the session. Additionally, please note that the one-hour session scheduled on Tuesday, January 10th has been changed to Monday, January 9th due to a conflict with and Elementary Principals Meeting Tuesday afternoon.

THE SHOWCASE SCHEDULE is on the EES Shared Drive Fourth grade is scheduled for November; fifth grade for December; and sixth grade for January. The Art Teachers will cover March/April. The PTO will decorate the showcase for the remaining months of the school year. Thank you for planning a display to decorate our lobby area!

CLASSROOM NEWSLETTERS - Please remember to email or give me a copy of any whole class communications that are sent home so I can be aware of all of the great things happening in our classrooms.


November 17, 4:30 – 7:30 PM

November 21, 12:25 early dismissal

November 22, 12:25 early dismissal and 4:30 – 7:30 PM


On Monday, October 10th, we spent the morning together exploring Questioning and Rigor. During our discussion, I mentioned Marzano's High Yield Strategies, as referenced in his book, Classroom Instruction that Works. The strategy we focused on was Similarities and Differences. As promised, I have added some additional information on this strategy to the 16-17 Questioning Resources folder on the EES Shared Drive. Also, be sure to follow the link below to find templates that will help you scaffold student thinking around Similarities and Differences.


Birthday Wishes Extended to:

October 1 - Kathy Stettner

October 9 - Susan Ramsay

October 18 - Allison Lamont

October 26 - Diane Eddy

October 28 - Beverly Gruber

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