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This week: Earth Day, every day

Earth Day was first celebrated 45 years ago to bring attention to a host of environmental concerns; today, it's difficult to imagine a time when the environment was not mentioned repeatedly in a 24-hour news cycle. But are our students better informed about the environment than their parents were as children? Encourage your students to investigate the sites below in class or at home to see how their own actions impact the health of our planet. Teachers, there's information for you, too!
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EPA: Learning and Teaching about the Environment

Well-designed and easy to navigate, the site is useful as a student resource or for classroom application. Games (primarily for upper elementary and middle school), quizzes and videos. External links for science fair and community service projects.

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Footprint Calculator

A short survey helps older students calculate the impact of their lifestyle on the environment. While British phrasing may be challenging, the questions themselves will inspire family discussions about home heating, commutation, and diet choices.

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We Can Waste Wise

Stressing waste reduction and recycling, this game tests younger students' knowledge of how and when items can be recycled or discarded. Between game rounds, upcycled craft characters provide environmental facts (PBS video clips are disabled).